Westworld, Season 1 – Review

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Brilliant, yet broken. Guess that describes many things.

In a seemingly far flung future the rich have a playground that surpasses any other theme park. Westworld offers, to those than can afford it, a place to live out endless fantasies in a wild-west environment. These guest get to live among the hosts of the park and interact with them in numerous ways. Fighting, frolicking, living and dieing.

As an HBO production, you get what you pay for.  With actors ranging from well-known to familiar to “who is that”, the cast is varied but grand. Actors like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris deliver to and beyond expectations. Familiar faces like James Marsden and Jimmi Simpson pull off solid performances once you get past thinking “hey it’s Liz Lemon’s boyfriend and the McPoyle brother”, respectively.  However, it is the lesser known actors that are the meat of the story most of the time. People like Evan Rachel Wood and Thandle Newton not only show their grit but push the storyboard along.

Through ten episodes, the show weaves an interesting tapestry that in the end somewhat folds in upon itself. Much of the idea of Westworld is left in ambiguity.  To keeps its own secrets the show doesn’t give any direct lines. While this leaves it open to anything happening it oddly makes it predictable. Within the first few episodes one can point in the direction the show is going and find it there very quickly. For something trying to be so complicated, it is a disappointment to see it be so simple.

If you were expecting Games of Thrones you won’t find it. You’ll be better off just to watch Game of Thrones instead. But if you want to see Dollhouse meets Deadwood take some time to stroll through Westworld. You’ll need to forgive some of the inconsistencies in order to enjoy the walk but it can be a fun little trip if you take the time.

If you let it get a little weird you get this


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