The Legend of Tarzan – Review

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Not sure if it says more about me or the movie that I feel asleep while watching it.

Tarzan has left the jungle and is living in London with Jane. However, he is convinced to return to jungle he grew up in to help investigate what is going on there. Reports of corruption and slavery are crossing the land. Tarzan reluctantly takes Jane with him along with his new acquaintance George Washington Williams. What they find is that they must not only fight the jungle and its danger but their pasts as well.

The movie is ambitious to a fault. Like so many films before it, it quickly becomes a stage of grandeur and less of substance. The lush jungle and all of its creatures are used ad nauseum to fill time in the movie with drawn out sequences that bring little to the story. Out of almost two hours comes a convoluted story that gets less attention and clarity than its backdrop is given. Through out the movie it is a struggle to stay interested enough to figure out all the characters intentions and motivations much less care about them.

Star power did not lend any help to this film. Not to say that any performances were not to par. Samuel L. Jackson plays a fine character but it felt somewhat cookie-cutter as he yells a lot and tromps around like a badass. One performance that puzzled me to no end was that of Christoph Waltz. He plays his role well, I suppose, but its awkwardness never settled with me.

Having mentioned that I fell asleep while watching, I’ll also tell you I didn’t go back and watch what I slept through. It didn’t seem important enough for me to do so since the movie had no draw to begin with. After sinking two hours into it and not getting much enjoyment, it really did not entice me to invest more time into it than I already had.

If you’re looking to see Margot Robbie, just go watch Suicide Squad – you know that’s what you really want.



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