Dude’s Chronicles 3-16-2017: The One Before Vacation

Image via travelocity.com

I’m taking an entire week off of work, something I rarely get to do. Unfortunately I won’t be traveling to any island paradises, rather I’m just staying home.


  • Westworld Season 1 – Almost done with the first season and I’m anxious to see how they wrap it up.


  • Overwatch – Just a few matches to get a loot box or two, not much in the way of drops.
  • The Division – Just long enough to get the supply drops on my four toons, not much in the way of drops.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – That’s it. I’m almost ready to start talking about it.


  • Overwatch – Orisa will be playable on 3/21, not much of a wait.
  • The Division Year Two – There is an unusually high number of people talking a lot of grief about free content. Sure, the content they are promising is not substantive but they are giving it out for free. Year One content gave players enough game modes that to introduce any more may thin the player base too much. It would have been nice to see something more story oriented.
  • Nintendo Fact-finding – At least they are investigating the reports of disconnects by the Joy-Cons and scratching of the screen. Curious to see what they come to say or do about it.
  • Quake Champions will be free to play – …and that is probably the best thing they could do for it. Certainly, they could not expect the unexpected success of the last Doom game to propel Quake in the same way. I think people want different things from these games and it will be more likely for people to jump into a free game if for nothing else than to check it out.
  • Jim Sterling under attack – A 7/10 score is still a good score. The fact that he honestly stated what he thinks is wrong with the game and what would have made it better is no reason to attack him. Instead of attack his site and making it unavailable why not engage him or anyone else in a conversation about the topic? Nothing is gained by attacking people but if we try to understand each other we can make great gains.

Closing Arguments

With Mass Effect: Andromeda looming, my goal is to get Horizon: Zero Dawn finished and reviewed. I really hope I have enough time.

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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