Dude’s Chronicles 3-9-2017: I Don’t Know

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Ever get the feeling that someone is using you for something that they aren’t really telling you about? Welcome to corporatism.


  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – I like this show but at times it feels like it is lost in the woods. The characters are the only consistency while the plot meanders all over the place. Regardless, I keep watching it.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse – I didn’t think much of this movie although I didn’t loathe it like other seem to.


  • The Division – Playing The Last Stand has been good until recently. There is a strange trend of sandbagging.  By that I refer to players that move to the back of the spawn area and spam heals. This gets the players high scores in the game but the team eventually loses. Not sure why this is a thing or what can be done to fix it. Yet again we find a broken mechanic in The Division. At first I thought it was a goof but I have run into it multiple times.
  • Overwatch – I reached level 68 but don’t feel that I accomplished much. There is still a love and desire to play the game even without any real reason to.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – Yeah, it’s good. More to come.


  • Overwatch new character – Orisa will be a tank character. Out now on the PTR, coming at some point to live PC and console environment. I can’t take too much from this announcement until they are done with balancing and have a firm release date.
  • The Division – The Last Stand has been seen as a positive and success for the game. They are also talking about year two content. Some people are a bit salty that a full priced game is introducing micro-transactions. Destiny did this so I don’t think too much of it. If they are completely cosmetic items that are for sale than it doesn’t matter. However, if you are able to directly buy in game items that matter then it comes down to how they handle it. Look at Overwatch were you can buy loot boxes and possibly get items but you are not guaranteed anything.
  • Destiny 2 – Oh no, stuff won’t carry over. Mass Effect has something similar where you can import a character but you don’t have all the gear you had. You may have some bonus for importing a character but you don’t have everything. With the Age of Triumph coming and the teases of Destiny 2 there should be an excitement about this but I just cannot get passed my lack of empathy about this game. I hope that those that do still enjoy it are happy about what they see.
  • Nintendo Switch – Well… Zelda is good. The left Joy-Con is questionable. You can’t move saved data off of the device. Yet another mixed up console launch from Nintendo. But on the plus side, they are selling tons of these things.

Closing Arguments

I put about 10 hours into Horizon: Zero Dawn and I want more. There are things that I don’t like about it but I am enjoying the game so much those things don’t matter. With PAX East happening this weekend, I have to find a balance of watching some of those events with how much I want play Horizon.

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