X-Men: Apocalypse – Review

Image via foxmovies.com

Image via foxmovies.com

Previous thoughts on the weakening of the Marvel Universe may have some legs.

Its feels like they’ve been making X-Men movies for an eternity even though it has only been since 2000. There have been many spin-off and off-shoots of the core X-Men movies and it is starting to feel that some of those are better than the core movies themselves.

X-Men: Apocalypse picks up ten years after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Professor Xavier is running his school, Magneto is living a secret life, and Mystique is out in the wild. Unbeknownst to most, a hidden group has been trying to resurrect what they believe to be a god under Egypt.  Turns out that they are really awakening the first mutant who is bent on world and universal domination.

The previous movies was both intriguing and entertaining. Whereas this movie abandoned those things in favor of grandeur. Instead of developing a cohesive plot and bringing the viewer into it in a meaningful way, the movie is crammed with characters and plot lines that don’t necessarily work together. It quickly becomes a confusing mess of who is on which side and what they may be fighting for. Magneto had the worst of it flipping and flopping on to every side of a cube throughout the movie.

Although the movie had good production value it was just too much. Some of the scenes get to be so elaborate and cluttered with effects that you lose track of what is going on in the scene much less in the movie. This also is one of those movies that could have been shorted for its own benefit if many of the scenes were either shortened or removed completely. Clocking in at about two and half hours is a lot of time to ask people to invest in just to give them eye candy but not much meaning. Sure the special effects were pretty but after the oh-ah feeling was gone they didn’t add much to the movie.

Was the movie good? Eh. Was the movie bad? No(?). The term underwhelming might be more accurate in this case. When the previous movie and some of the other more recent movies were better this movie fell short of expectations. Bringing back together the likes of McAvoy and Fassbender should have been an easy win especially when adding young talent like Sophie Turner, hot out of Game of Thrones.

When the movie was over I wasn’t disappointed with the movie. I was more disappointed that the amount of time I invested in it was not as well spent as it could have been. I’m not the biggest Marvel fan and would never claim to be anywhere near an expert but I just have the notion that film could have been a better entry in the Marvel Universe than it is.


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