Video Games: Madness of March?

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Sometimes, an overabundance of something is good. The February/March timeframe may be crazy time for some gamers. Although I may not be as pulled into this, I can see where others may feel overwhelmed with what is coming out right now.

We are well passed the game of the year discussions where we all argued and “agreed to disagree” about what was the best game of 2016. There have also been a handful of releases in 2017, like Resident Evil 7, that have thrilled and delighted many but in ways disinterested others. Much like November/December is a hot time of year for games, February/March is potentially of the same class.

Look at the notable, opinions may vary, releases of February 2017:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes – I don’t follow this game or series but I recognize that many were excited for this mobile game as another avenue to access the game.
  • Nioh – The Souls-esque game that is but isn’t like Souls was a popular surprise hit for some and completely overlooked by others. This is a game that I have enjoyed watching others play but have no personal interest in playing it myself, much like Bloodborne and Dark Souls. The speed-runs of this game have already reached a crazy level in my mind.
  • For Honor – To repeat, I played the open beta and had a respect for the game but not a genuine interest in buying it or playing long term. There are many that do want a game just like this if it can get beyond it’s issues coming out of the gate.
  • Halo Wars 2 – Hey, Halo is a big franchise and some people liked that original Halo Wars. I was not one of them but this is still a release within a huge franchise. How well it will do can only be determined by time.  Those that are into RTS style games may find an interest as well as Halo fans but other may just steer clear of this game.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – The anticipated release from Kill Zone creator Guerrilla  Games has been well received so far. I’m looking forward to playing it myself but I see where some may skip it if they desire a PVP game rather that a linear RPG(which I am guessing this is like Mass Effect).

Then there is March:

  • Nintendo Switch – There is a new console? With new games? If you want to play a new Zelda game without a Wii U or have a hankering for other Nintendo specific games have at it. There are other games coming out for this console but I would not be the expert on them.
  • Lego Worlds – The Lego version of Minecraft??? I don’t know but I think people, even a small subset there of, will be into this.
  • Nier: Automata – I don’t follow this game or the franchise but recognize that people are excited about it.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Many think that this game will pull players away from The Division but I think that there are are enough fundamental differences between these games that those that want The Division will go back to is wheres those that want Wildlands will be all into it.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – I can hardly contain myself thinking that this is finally coming out. On the same note, I acknowledge that I am setting myself up for the same level of disappoint that many felt when completing Mass Effect 3 after Mass Effect 2. It could go bad but it could be great. Fingers crossed.
  • Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City – DLC always has a love/hate relationship. Those that want more Souls will be into this but many may just pass by this.
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix – Yet again, I don’t follow this game but recognize that many others do and there is an excitement around this coming out.

Add on top of these:

  • The Division – Patch 1.6 as well as The Last Stand DLC release on 2/28 giving players another mode and incursion to play as well as other balances and changes within the game. People that are still into the game will have more to do, while some may come back to check out the changes and new stuff, many have lost interest and will not return. Those of us that still have an interest will be poking around just to see.
  • Overwatch – Blizzard is slow to add or change and that is evident in Overwatch.  The looming tease of a new character has many guessing but the only reality is the release ore the new patch(2.05 and then 2.06) that made varying degrees of adjustments on some characters and game modes.

The big picture of all this information, regardless of what you or I think of it, is that there is a lot of things going on for gamers in general in the February/March era. Some may have to sacrifice things in order to play others. I look at how I’ve delayed my Horizon: Zero Dawn play due to personal reasons but some may not be playing it because they  want the PVP experience of For Honor while it is fresh knowing that Horizon will be there later as a single player experience.

Even thought right now looks like an exciting time in games I worry that the is the storm before the lull. Typically we get nothing until the holiday season and I ponder if these games and the few summer releases will be enough for gamers. Perhaps this will an opportunity hit our backlogs. Anybody else worried about going from feast to famine with their games?



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