Dude’s Chronicles 2-23-2017: I’ll Let You Entertain Me

Image via Fanpop

Image via Fanpop

This week was slow on news but I did manage to watch a lot of stuff. I guess that is all I really got accomplished with my extra day off from work.


  • Shameless – Finished all six seasons that are on Netflix. Sort of sad that there is no more available to me. I know season seven is out there but I don’t have access to it anywhere within a price range I’m willing to pay. Seems that my desire to be a cheap ass is out-doing my desire to see more of this show.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke – I enjoyed everything about this one, with one exception. The animation was great and having the traditional voice actors for the leads, Conroy for Batman and Hamill for the Joker, made it feel like it had all the fixings of Batman. Where if failed was right at the end, it just didn’t payoff as well as it could have and left me somewhat disappointed. I don’t know how true or close this was to the original comic but it gets didn’t work for me at the finish.
  • Safehouse – I like watching movies where Denzel Washington plays the badass.
  • The Nice Guys – Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling have great chemistry in this flick but the overall movie just doesn’t have it. As much as the duo plays off of each other the film just lacks story and ultimately lets you down.
  • Criminal – I think they were trying to make Kevin Costner into Matt Damon in this movie. The way they played things out had a Bourne style to it but it wasn’t nearly as good. There were big names associated to this film, like Tommy Lee Jones, but they were barely present in the film and contributed even less.
  • Hudson Hawk – This a classic. It was one of those movies that become noted for how bad it was when it was released but has garnered somewhat of a cult following over the years. All these years later I still long for a sequel.
  • Point Break – I tried watching the remake but couldn’t get more than 30 minutes with it.  The original was contrived and silly but this one just felt awkward and forced to point that it was unbearable.
  • Halo Wars 2 – Confused? It’s a game but I have it under entertainment. That is because I watched the cutscenes via YouTube. After having watched the story line of the game I’m even more glad that I didn’t buy the game since the story wasn’t that interesting and I already wasn’t interested in the combat.


  • Overwatch – Didn’t spend much time in the game this week. Grinded out a couple of levels to get loot boxes but didn’t care for the game modes in arcade so I didn’t manage to snag any of that loot.
  • Paragon – I gave the MOBA a go this weekend just to see what it was like. Doubt that I will be putting more time into the game but you never know.


  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta – You get the chance to play for free if you haven’t already in the closed beta. I’ll likely just skip this but would encourage other to play especially if they are unsure about buying the game.
  • Nintendo Switch early reveals – Well, obviously Nintendo is not happy about the hardware leaking early so much so that those involved may be facing criminal charges associated to theft. I guess this is one of those times being on the cutting edge involves getting cut.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn has a 250MB patch – Really? That is the smallest day-one patch I have seen in years. The fact that it is so small is shocking in the day and age of patches clocking in with GB’s after the numbers.

Closing Arguments

I give up on Watch Dogs 2. No matter how many times I’ve tried I just can’t do it. Horizon: Zero Dawn drops next week and it is scoring well. That should give me something else to do.

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3 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 2-23-2017: I’ll Let You Entertain Me

  1. I saw your Overwatch invitation but I was grinding out the last of the Moogle carnival. We’ll definitely have to play together.

    I wish I could do Killing Joke but the whole Batgirl-Batman sex scene killed it for me. That was NOT apart of the original comic. Apparently it was added to ‘give Batman a reason to be emotionally impacted’ by the events that happen. Um. She’s your sidekick/partner/daughter of one of your besties. But no. Bats can only care about people if they’re the results of a relationship he didn’t want, or if he has sexual tension. (They did something similar with Damion Wayne, aka Robin #5. They planned to kill him off to show Batman why he can never have a family and how much losing a child hurts, nevermind he had nearly lost his adopted sons Dick and Tim, and had lost Jason. Really pissed off the adopted folks out there.)

    I’ve got a Switch on preorder. What about you?

    • We’ll meet up some time in Overwatch 🙂 The Batgirl-Batman hook up has been in other comics, why they grafted it into The Killing Joke I don’t know. The story seemed strong enough without it but I never read the original, just heard from Internet peoples about how it varied from the film. No I didn’t pre-order a Switch. I thought about it but decided against it given that Horizon and Mass Effect are close to the Switch’s release. That and I’m still weirded out about Nintendo trying to bring back motion based games.

      • Yeah the melding into Killing Joke really made no sense. Just irked the shit out of me. I think I would have been fine with it too if they didn’t make that bullshit reason up.

        My friends are still bugging me about Horizon. I’ll have til Tuesday to make my decision, so there’s that. I’ll let you know how the Switch is, and Breath of the Wild is too. Fingers crossed that it’s as good as it seems.

        And damn right we will! I gotta show you my pro Symmetra and Dva skills. Ain’t too bad with Zenyatta either

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