Paragon – Passing Thoughts


So, instead of playing Watch Dogs 2 like I said I would, I played some Paragon on PS4.

From the studio that gave us Gears of War, this game feels like a huge departure. The only thing that feels the same if the third person view. If you are looking for a “Gears” game then you should just skip this. Not that Paragon is bad, it is just nothing like  Gears of War. It is a MOBA and you need to be into that type of game to play this one. A single map, lanes, and heroes. Those that enjoy League of Legends, DOTA, and the like will be into this game. Personally, this was my first exposure to a MOBA and its not my cup of tea, as they say.

Again, not that it is bad…just not something I’m into. I will say that they game feels pretty good to play, with a few exceptions. Once you get passed the basics of a MOBA, the game is fairly straight-forward. What kind of got me offset was the amount of heroes and the differences in how they play. Some characters are not accessible until you unlock them and others are standard but the nuances between them make it a bit perplexing. I mostly tried to play with ranged characters but even those seem to vary in strange ways. It felt like different ranged characters had weapons that had different ranges which made it frustrating at points to try to play them. Also, the secondary attacks and abilities weren’t always the same or even alike. The main thing that got me was the slow rate of fire on every hero I played. It just felt like I couldn’t deal damage in the way I wanted to.

If you want to see how the game starts out… here you go…

To prove how little I knew about the game going into it, you can have a chuckle at me when I say it is a first-person MOBA type game when it is clearly third-person. At least I can laugh at myself about it.

Overall, I think the game is solid but I don’t know that I’ll give it more time than I already have. Not being into or understanding MOBA’s kind of leaves me out of wanting to play this. Others may find this game as something of interest but I’ll likely steer clear of it. I don’t regret having played it and maybe I’ll even return to it from time to time. There is a curiosity on my part to see how or if it changes from it’s open beta status to full release.


Paul Novak

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3 thoughts on “Paragon – Passing Thoughts

  1. I gave Paragon and Smite a few chances and, like you, they didn’t really appeal to me. I don’t think I have a competitive bone in my body anymore. I did enjoy Smite more, since it felt a bit faster and more actiony, but I just don’t have the patience and dedication needed to be even remotely capable with these games.

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