Dude’s Chronicles 2-16-2017: Gonna Be A Long One

eaglelrstageNo, this post won’t be long but I’m going into a long weekend… which is nice.


  • Shameless – Made it into season six and will probably finish it this weekend.
  • Metal Gear SAGA – THE MOVIE – Finished watching all twelve hours of this and I still don’t understand the game any better. I’m convinced nobody understands this game and never will.
  • Halo 5: Guardians – Watching the YouTube film of the entire story didn’t make me like it any better. With Halo Wars 2 coming out I thought I could get myself back into Halo but this actually made me less interested.


  • Overwatch – To show how little I still know about this game, I never realized you can get additional loot boxes by earning them in the arcade mode every week. I managed to clear last week’s wins for those loot boxes and this week’s for additional loot boxes. I even played the 3v3 mode to get the second set of boxes. Luckily I managed to group up with two other random players and we marched straight through three wins in a row.
  • For Honor beta – I appreciated the game but just don’t have enough interest in buying it. Playing the beta was all the time I needed with this game.


  • For Honor launch problems – Wait…a multiplayer game with server issues at launch? How could this ever happen? This is unfortunately something that I and just about everybody else expected to happen. Still doesn’t excuse it but it is nothing particular to this game.
  • PewDiePie – Apparently he made some videos with anti-Semitic content and did show much remorse about doing so. Even when he did try to apologize he made claims that it was the media attacking to discredit and devalue him. He has now lost contracts from both Disney and YouTube.
  • PlayStation Now drops platforms – The stream service will only be accessible on PS4 and PC after August 15th. So much for an open palate of platforms to play PlayStation games on.

Closing Arguments

For my three day weekend I’m trying to convince myself to play more of Watch Dogs 2. I purchased the game during PlayStation’s Holiday sale but I probably have less than two hours into it. Every time I start playing I remember all the bad things about the first game that I didn’t like because they are still in the second game. Hopefully I’ll give it another go but I can only image I’ll give up after about 20-30 minutes just like I do every time.


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