Dude’s Chronicles 2-9-2017: Snow Before the Roses


It’s a bit snowy here but that’s ok. It’s been a mild winter so far and we are well over due. Oddly that still doesn’t stop people from complaining.


  • Shameless – I’m most of the way through the fifth season but I needed a break. The show was getting a little heavy but still good.
  • Skarknado: The 4th Awakens – Yes, it is as bad as it sounds… if not worse but still one of those guilty pleasures to watch.
  • Metal Gear SAGA – THE MOVIE – Somebody painstakingly cut together all of the cutscenes and some game play from nearly all of the Metal Gear games in the chronological order of the story. It is interesting to watch the whole story and try to make sense of it. I recommend doing so but will caution you that he video is 12 hours long.


  • Overwatch – A couple rounds here and there was all I managed this week. Really slow week for gaming.
  • Wildlands beta – Didn’t care for the game, so I didn’t play much of it either.


  • PS4 Pro firmware beta – External hard drive support and boost mode for unpatched games on PS4 Pro, Sure there is more but those two items seem like the bigger takeaways. Most people will be more excited about the external hard drive support including myself.
  • E3 open to the public – This show has lost most of its luster and prestige over the last few years as many long time exhibitors have stopped coming. It has been made more so by some of those that have left hosting their own events just before E3, like EA. If this is an attempt to start turning E3 into another PAX event then I don’t think it is a good move. E3 has also been more of an industry trade show than anything and bringing the public may only water it down.
  • Destiny 2 rumors – Is it coming this year? What will it be about? I don’t know and I don’t think anybody without an NDA does either. I bought big into the first one but don’t plan to do so with the sequel. Rather, I’m going to be a lot more tempered about my approach and probably wait until after it launches to purchase, if at all.
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole delayed, again – Apparently it is now slated to release before March 2018. I hate to see this but the first game when through delays and came about to be a solid game. This may change some of my gaming plans going forward though.

Closing Arguments

The plan is to play some of the beta of For Honor this weekend. I don’t have much interest in the game and don’t plan on buying it but you never know. At the very least it will give me something different to play for a little bit.

P.S. – Happy Valentine’s Day

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