Dude’s Chronicles 2-2-2017: Two In A Row

And I’m back for the second week out of two. Still working through a few things and didn’t get to devote as much time to my entertainment and gaming pursuits but then again, how many of us get to spend the amount of time that we want to on the fun things?


  • Shameless – Finished the first three seasons and it still hasn’t let me down. Looking forward to the rest of the seasons on Netflix
  • Hitsmas – If you follow or are familiar with Giant Bomb’s video content and sense of humor you may like this. For the Christmas holiday they got four guys from their staff(Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella, Dan Ryckert, and Jeff Gertsman) to sit down and play Hitman. The twist is they used what they called Mexico Rules by drawing variables of targets and takedown methods from a hat. What ensued was a comical mess-terpeice, especially Caravella’s run. It was so notable that it was released to the Hitman community as “The Caravella Conundrum”. Have yourself a good laugh and give it a watch. I know it was done for the holidays but it still makes me laugh.


  • Overwatch – I did something in this game this week that I have never done before, I quit mid-game. I take no pride in that but when I am frustrated enough that I am screaming at the screen about how stupid my teammates are playing(I normally don’t wear a mic) it is time for me to step away. The match I quit was just a total mess with my teammates not even firing at enemies for parts of the match even though they were with-in range and completely visable. Normally I will play a match out until the bitter end regardless of the team’s performance but I just could not bear it this one particular time.
  • The Division – Like many others, I have taken a break from this game while the 1.6 PTS is ongoing. Not that I don’t want to play it I just don’t have the motivation when I know changes are coming. At least they aren’t changing the gear score again, yet.


  • $500 Million Dollars – That is what ZeniMax was awarded in their suit against Facebook/Oculus. This is a lot less than the $4 billion they were asking for and it will be appealed. Still that is a big chunk of change it says that the court did feel there was some level of wrong doing.
  • Nintendo online services price – The rumor is that it will cost $20 – $30 per year. While that is about half or less of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, the value of the service will be determined in what it actually offers. If online play and monthly access to old games is it – that value may be questionable Then again, what else does the other services offer for their cost?
  • Wii U production stops  – This was rumored a long time ago and comes as no surprise. Not like they were selling a lot of these things anyway.
  • Overwatch’s Bastion buffs inbound – Remember when people complained Bastion was overpowered and shouldn’t get Play of the Game? I guess things change because now people think the character is a liability and are looking to make changes so the it is more viable.
  • Snap mode is going away – It was an interesting idea to be able to have another app open while playing a game on the Xbox One but the amount of screen real estate you had to sacrifice never felt worth it. There is also the argument that it took precious resources away that could have been used elsewhere. There have been mentions of picture-in-picture possibilities but nothing has been made certain yet.
  • For Honor beta – The game will have a open beta from 2/9 – 2/12, which is right before its 2/14 release. This feels like a marketing tactic more than a technical test given the short time between those two events.

Closing Arguments

Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend but there is also a beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Think maybe the could have coordinated this better and not had two Tom Clancy games having events on the same weekend? I’ll like try out the Wildlands beta since I’m on the fence about buying and I have no interest in Siege


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