Dude’s Chronicles 1-26-2017: Where You Been Lately?

newkidIt’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to this blog and I’m working on getting back to it more regularly. The holidays pulled a lot of my time, work has been an exceptional misery, and I’ve been dealing with some health issues. Now that the holidays are over I have more free time, work isn’t going to be getting any better any time soon, but my health has greatly improved. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?


Football is over, basically. We are down to the bowl that is of the super and it involves two teams that I don’t have much of a vested interested in. Like many others, I am rooting for one team to lose rather than for somebody to win.

I did crush some movies and shows in my down time though:

  • Shameless – This Showtime series is fantastic! I’m only about four episodes into the first season and I’m hooked. Sometimes it is completely predictable but the way they pay it out makes it worth watching. Looking forward to watching all of the seasons on Netflix, then I can be sad I don’t I have Showtime.
  • Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell – This was a nice little animated movie to watch as a change of pace from other things. The Hulk teams up with Dr. Strange to battle the master of nightmares. Some times it was a little silly but it is a cartoon about super heroes so set your expectations accordingly. Just sit back and watch the Hulk.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 2 – I remember watching the original(?) Voltron while I was growing up and this series doesn’t disappoint. It is enough like what I remember to give me a slight tinge of nostalgia but it is different enough to make it feel new. This season suffers from the same problem as the first season – it left me wanting more. I binge watched this season in one day and I was actually mildly upset when it was over, for two reasons. The first reason was that it left at a cliffhanger point that I wanted to see the resolution for. I understand this is to bait you into next season but c’mon. Secondly, it was just too short and I wish a few things had been flushed out in more depth. Maybe I’m just greedy and didn’t want to have to find something else to watch.
  • Captain America: Civil War – I keep rewatching this because I think I’m missing something. Also, I’m a bit confused about where the Marvel movie universe stands at this point. I still don’t know.
  • Ratchet and Clank – I expected very little from this movie and it delivered just that. Movies based on videos games are normally not good if not terrible. This wasn’t terrible and it was actually watchable. I would not have wanted to pay to see it in a movie theatre but seeing it via Netflix was just fine.
  • Halo: Fall of Reach – I need to stop watching this because it just pisses me off every time when I realize how badly 343 Industries has fucked up Halo. Sorry, I know opinions differ but I do not like how they have handled the franchise. That is a longer discussion though than I care to carry on here.
  • Justice League: War – I watch this to help me fall asleep. Honestly, I’ve seen it enough times that I don’t have to pay attention to it and I can just drift off while it is playing. I used to watch Spaceballs for the same effect, now I fall asleep every time Spaceballs is on.
  • The Ranch Part 2 – I extremely dislike Ashton Kutcher but I love this show. It not great and I’m not sure it’s even good. Somehow, some way it feels realistic while it shows a way of life I have no familiarity with. I am not a rancher and I don’t know any. I grow up around farmers but I don’t even know what their life is like. Any rancher could walk up to me and tell me this show is nothing but Hollywood bullshit and I would have to take their word at it. Regardless, I find that the show has a certain charm that I enjoy….that mostly may be Sam Elliot.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11 – This show keeps trying to go to the well with a bucket that has a whole in it. There are times when the show really hits and makes you laugh but it is countered with times that the set up of a joke takes much longer than the pay off was worth. I remember when this show was fresh and brilliant, I lament those days being gone.
  • Weeds – I really like Mary-Lousie Parker but this show is not something I want to watch. I got through season one and two episodes of season two but I could not force myself to keep going.  This lady that thinks she is the greatest drug dealer in all of suburbia is constantly messing up and almost loosing everything. How am I supposed to believe that she is the weed king pin for the middle-class? I don’t.
  • A Very Murray Christmas – It is Bill Murray + Christmas = BAM! I know it was so 2015 but I still enjoy it. It has its flaws and I don’t deny that but how can not get the vision of George Clooney singing “Santa Claus wants some lovin'” stuck in your head?
  • Trailer Park Boys – I watched all of the seasons, probably two or three times over, and had to stop because I was using “fuck” as a part of my casual and professional vocabulary. Fuck, these boys are funny.


  • Overwatch – I bought this during the PSN sale over Christmas and it makes me sad that I didn’t but it sooner. As I mentioned in my GOTY post, I played the beta and free weekends but until I put more time into it I did not understand how good this game is. Sure there are little things that are wrong with it but Blizzard continues to make adjustments to address them, like Road Hog hooking people through walls. Even after I bought the game I though I would never play certain roles, especially the healer. Now I find myself wanting to play the healer as much as any other role just because Blizzard has done such a good job balancing the game and making each role vital if properly employed. I’ve played the healer, via Mercy, and even though I didn’t have a single kill in the game I felt like I was a valuable player for buffing and healing my teammates to help score a victory. I’m not much of a PVP player but I keep coming back to this game just because it is so damn good.
  • The Division – I like this game but it is one of those love/hate relationships. They released Survival and I thought ai would hate it. I did the first few times I played it but it won me over and now I love it. They just announced The Last Stand expansion as a PVP mode and I can’t applaud them more. PVP has been such a miserable experience in this game that I don’t even know how to describe it. Making a dedicated mode just for PVP is not the end-game for PVP but it is humungous step forward. There are people that love this game but desire a PVP experience that just isn’t there. I don’t know that The Last Stand will be what they want but it is a step closer as it helps to remove those PVE players from the equation. I do have to speak against the arguments that some have made about the Dark Zone expansion aiding the PVP problem. The thought is that since the DZ will be bigger, it is less likely that you will run into rouges/PVP players that will ‘gank’ PVE players. It is my experience that gankers will be gankers. If they see an extraction  being called, they will still come to kill those trying to get their loot out. These instances may decrease, emphasis on may, but you are still going to have those that thrive on causing misery to others and won’t be satisfied with a PVP mode. We come back to the idea that going rouge needs to have more detrimental consequences than it currently does.
  • Watch Dogs 2 – What was I thinking when I bought this game? I feel like I wasted $40 instead of $60 when I bought it on sale. As soon as I started playing the game I remembered all the things I didn’t like about the first game. Perhaps I was lulled in by those that said it was so much better than the first game. I should have been more aware and realized that this was more a testament as to how bad the first game was as opposed to how good the second game is. Every time I try to play the game I get about 30-40 minutes into it and just have to stop.


Nintendo announced the Switch, still trying to wrap my mind around the fuckery that that is.

Closing Arguments

In conclusion, I hope to be back here more often and more consistently. I feel a deep regret that I have not paid proper attention to something that I enjoy doing regardless of how many people see it.


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