Dude’s Chronicles 9-22-2016: A Friend Returns



That’s right!


I haven’t watched anything but football, college and professional, all week. That’s it. No shows, no movies. I haven’t even gazed out the window to see what was going on.


Whilst the anxious wait for 1.4 continues, Massive keeps putting out a lot of information but I keep thinking to myself “none of this is set in stone”. I hold a lot of hope for this as do others but the realist in me has to check my expectations.

What is here and what is real is The Rise of Iron. I’ll say it’s pretty good. It could have been longer but I would liken it to the length of The Taken King. Could have been longer but I enjoyed it and still don’t feel finished with it. From the posts picture, I obviously completed the Gjallahorn quest line. Nice to get the weapon quicker than I did in the original game. Now I have to lock it so I don’t delete it like a dumbass and have to buy it two weeks before they nerf it.

I’ll be playing some of each game the rest of the week. I want to keep my feet in The Division and I have two Exotic quests(Thorn and Khvostov) to do in Destiny. Just wish I had more time.


  • Rise of Iron Raid! – Yea…I won’t be high enough Light Level to try it and I won’t have the time. sighes
  • Battle.net no more – It’s just a name change, remain calm. Blizzard is just trying to get everything under the Blizzard name. From what I understand, no functionality will be lost. Again, remain calm.
  • The Division PTS is live! – Early responses are positive. If any community will break a game it is the PC community. That is why I am ok with it not coming to consoles as we had many less issues than PC did.
  • Gears of War 4 trailer – I try not to get excited about trailers but I really want this game to get the bad taste out of my mouth that Judgement left.
  • For Honor’s beta was huge! – That’s great! So was The Division’s. So was Destiny’s. Those games were arguably broken at launch. I hope Unbisoft learns something from past experience and does a better job. The game looks great but it is not a game I have interest in playing. Nonetheless, I hope it does well and people enjoy it.

I’ll try to post next week but I will be out of town for work reasons. Reasons which I am against but hey, if you want to pay me to waste my time hundreds of miles away instead of at work…ok. Well, it’s not a complete waste…just not best value. You know like eating Taco Bell.

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