Dude’s Chronicles 8-25-2016: Humid and Salty

Image via quotesgram.com

Image via quotesgram.com

It’s not as bad as the picture above but it is pretty lousy.


  • The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift – These movies aren’t good. Sorry, they aren’t but I enjoy  them nonetheless.
  • Gotham: Season 1 – This series seems fairly interesting and a slightly different take on the Batman story. I wish there were more episodes available on Neflix since I’ll never actually watch this when it airs. Not because I don’t want to see it, just that I don’t sit down to watch shows on a regular basis.
  • Indie Games: Life After – The follow up to Indie Game: The Movie, it was far less interesting and felt like one of those sequels that just didn’t need to happen.


The Division continues to be the land of salt. Massive is being a lot more upfront about the fact that the game is not good at this point. I appreciate their honesty and I’ll appreciate it even more when they actually fix the game.

It’s such a bad scene that players are being salty with each other. I was playing an Incursion the other day and the group just wasn’t working right. We wiped several times and one player got his salt shaker out. He essentially told me that I was running Smart Cover wrong. How you do that I have no idea. He didn’t say my skill power was too low, which would have made more sense. That group quickly disbanded, thankfully.


  • PS4 Slim rumors – Do we need this? Do we want this? I don’t, on either count. I’m not even that excited about Neo. Maybe these are the same thing. No real facts and Sony doesn’t have much to say about it yet.
  • The Division delays expansion – Wait, fix the game before expanding it??? Brilliant! Looks like it will be a while before Survival releases due to Massive wanting to concentrate(and rightly so) on the 1.4 update to fix and balance the game.
  • John Carmack a thief? – Apparently Bethesda says that Carmack took some of it’s intellectual property with him when he left for Oculus. More ugly legal battles for the gaming industry.

Did you notice? I remembered to change the date on this post before posting it. Yeah me!

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One thought on “Dude’s Chronicles 8-25-2016: Humid and Salty

  1. I’ve watched some of the episodes of Gotham and it left me hooked. I love the way they spun the characters and how every single guest appearance or brief focus on a character left you wondering if they were going to be a classic villain later on. I also appreciate the liberties they’ve been taking. They’ve made no attempts to connect it to the mess that is the DC cinematic universe, which gets rebooted as often as Spider-Man over in Marvel/Sony, and have been making unique new versions of classic characters. Like the brief glimpse of ‘Ivy Pepper’ that we see- or was it Pepper Ivy? I remember it was a combination of those two- or how one of the characters is rumored to be the origins of Harley Quinn, just not as Harleen Quinzel. Jim Gordon is an amazing character and I’m really glad we get to see his early years and how he became the badass commissioner we all remember so well.

    Also why is it so hot. WHYYYYYY???

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