Dude’s Chronicles 8-18-2016: Back In Action

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

You really appreciate a vacation in a different way once it is over and you go back to work.


  • The Real Death Star – It was a science show that talked about gamma radiation given off by massive black wholes. An interesting piece but as with science it was a bit wishy-washy about its conclusion. Which is accurate since none of know the secrets of the universe. A decent watch if you are into science-type stuff.
  • Hostage – An overly complicated and unbelievable Bruce Willis movie about a former hostage negotiator who has his own family kidnapped while he is on the scene of another hostage situation that is actually the house of bookkeeper that may or may not be working for the government. Confused?
  • Big Trouble in Little China – C’mon, it’s a classic! One of those “so bad it’s good” movies.
  • The Big Short – A fascinating movie about how corrupt our financial institutions are and the body’s the govern them. As intellectually stimulating as it was, it may have been a little too much of that and a little too entertaining. This seems to happen when you have too many big names in one film and some of the cameos just seemed completely out of place.
  • Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru – Tony Robbins has been around forever! Ok, 30+ years and people either think he is a miracle worker, a crook, a cult-leader, or a mix of the aforementioned. This film documented Robbins at one of his events and shows some of the people that he interacts with and how. Very interesting and compelling but left me wondering how genuine everything in it was.


The Division and all the woes that go with it. I played a ton of this on my vacation and I may have burnt myself out. I had a great time playing with the people of the DZR community and they keep me wanting to play. What keeps making me not want to play is the game itself. I feel like I don’t get well rewarded for my play time and the Dark Zone has turned into Gank City. There is so much blood lust and rogue activity that it was impossible to even farm for loot the last couple of times I was in it. I hope Massive and Ubisoft have some way of addressing this because I am seeing the player base dwindle and am not sure what will save it at this point.

Then I hooked myself back into playing Destiny again. Wondering to myself if I should buy Rise of Iron, I made the decision to play some of the Iron Banner event this week. I started at a Light level of 302(max is 335) and  in two days got to 308. Not a huge leap but I’ve been having fun playing the game again. Sure I still get frustrated and mad when I do poorly or the team loses but it is still fun – something that has been lacking in the previously mentioned game. I enjoyed playing this game with random people and I enjoyed The Division because of the core of people I play with. Strange? Well, maybe. I’m going to play some more before I decide to buy the Rise of Iron though.

Then there is No Man’s Sky. I look at the box and I still can’t force myself to play it. Is there something wrong with me? (Don’t answer that.)


  • Titanfall 2 split beta! – I mean – technical test. This weekend and next there will be multiplayer technical test on PS4 and XB1. Sorry, no technical test for you PC players because of your data-mining shenanigans. There will be another technical test next weekend featuring different game modes and equipment.
  • Final Fantasy XV delayed, again – If you’ve been waiting to play this game, what is two more months when you’ve already waited this long? Look at how long The Last Guardian took before it was released. Oh, it’s not out yet either. At least it seemed like solid reasoning, they had some patchwork to do and wanted to include it on disk rather than making a day-one patch. However, if they go through this delay and still have a day-one patch there may be some upset peoples.
  • Destiny private matches – This is something that player have been asking for since the game launched. Huzzah! I’ll probably never play this mode!
  • Left 4 Metal Gear – Konami announces the first Kojima-less Metal Gear game with Metal Gear Survive. A four-person zombie survival game based in an alternate universe of Metal Gear Solid.

Since I didn’t find a way to become independently wealthy in my time off, I’l have to keep doing that ‘work’ thing…and this too.

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