Dude’s Chronicles 8-11-2016: Still Vacating

Image via playadreams.com

Image via playadreams.com

I’ve accomplished very little on vacation and that was all I wanted to accomplish


  • Stranger Things – If you like The X-Files then you’ll like this show. It is only eight episodes but it is a very good watch. I didn’t want to stop watching it the night I started but I literally couldn’t stay awake any longer and passed out. Finished it up the day after and greatly enjoyed it.
  • Batman vs. Superman – I watched it again and …. it’s still not good. Pretty sure I don’t hate it like some other do but I just keep getting that feeling that it could have been much better.
  • Beavis and Butthead Do America – What can I say? I like stupid humor.
  • Blade 2 – Had never seen it before and it was on Netflix so I watched it. It gets a myeh rating.
  • David Cross: Making America Great Again! – This dude is funny. Watch this for a good laugh.



I’ve played a bunch of The Division and very little of No Man’s Sky. Why? Well, I’ll just say – I don’t like No Man’s Sky so far. I’ve only put three hours into it so I am not giving up on it yet but there isn’t anything hooking me to keep playing. The inventory system is not great and space is far too limited for the amount of stuff you need. There is no fast-travel system which means you have to run, literally run, all over the place and it feels like it takes forever. I want to put a few more hours into before I give up but I’m not getting a strong feeling that I’m going to like this game.


I’ve haven’t been reading much, part of my near total shutdown for vacation, so let’s assume that there is a bunch of news about No Man’s Sky and Pokemon GO.

I really need to get back to doing nothing.

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