Dude’s Chronicles 8-4-2016: Before The Stoppage


Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

No, I’m not done with the blog. I’m almost done with work before a week off. What will I be doing? Heck if I know.



  • Jason Bourne – I don’t want to say I didn’t like the movie but I can’t say that I thought it was a good movie. It tried to hard to be a “Bourne” movie that it felt formulaic and predictable. Some of the scenes seemed to drag on longer than necessary making this one of the most boring action movies I have seen. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great.
  • Batman vs. Superman – WTF!?!?!? Arguable one of the worst movies I have seen of late. I don’t think it was as bad as some of the reviews have made it out to be but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it should have been. The plot of this movie was an absolute mess and much of it became superfluous. The one compliment is that I thought the cinematography was very good, however, it was not good enough to save the movie.


The DZR weekend was a great time. You can read more about my experience here. That event pretty much made it so that The Division is still the only game I’ve played.

But there is that No Man’s Sky coming…


  • POWERS is canceled – Kind of bummed out about this. I really wanted to see where they were going with this. O’well, I didn’t really expect it to last long but I wish it would have had a more definitive end.
  • No Man’s Sky is only 30 hours long – And The Legend of Zelda can be beaten in less than 1.5 hours.

If you have a minute next week, try to get a hold of me somehow just to make sure I haven’t sunken into the abyss.


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One thought on “Dude’s Chronicles 8-4-2016: Before The Stoppage

  1. I’ve been saying since its announcement that I have absolutely no idea how much fun I would have just aimlessly flying around, scanning animals, and naming planets after dick jokes. Even still, the survival aspect of it is a huge turn off — limiting discovery time by forcing me to find resources isn’t my idea of fun.

    But the closer we get to NMS’s launch, the more I want it. Seems like a rad game to hop in for an hour and relax. That’s kind of what I need, and also why I really want to pick up ABZU. Well, that and Journey was amazing.

    I’m in the minority camp that really enjoyed BvS, despite its agonizingly slow build up and overly comedic “oh my god, are we like best friends now?” scene. Then again, I also really liked Man of Steel, so my taste in films is up for debate.

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