Dude’s Chronicles 7-28-2016: What Have I Gotten Into?


Last week week I wrote a bit about he Dark Zone Report’s Gear Up weekend. (Reminder: it is this weekend.) Perhaps I should have thought things through a little it better when I volunteered to help out.

Without properly considering things, I will be streaming part of the festivities. What makes it a good idea? Well, I’m going to be partaking in the events anyway and I’ve been thinking about trying to get back into streaming. That’s about it.

What makes it a bad idea? I am woefully unprepared and Murphy’s Law is in full effect. I found that the capture device I had been using(over a year ago) was no longer working. No problem, get a new one. Takes me a bit to sort things out with the new device but all seems well and I just need to work out some audio levels. Then on Sunday I find that I cannot get any audio via my headphones which is a huge problem because not only is it how I hear the people I am playing with, it is also how I am capturing audio so that the stream will hear my teammates.

So begins my journey into the illest of fates…Microsoft tech support. They were all friendly and mostly helpful but the torture was taken out upon me over the course of the next five days. To fix the audio we had to do a reset on the console to get it to take a new version of the Preview Program Dashboard(do you see where this went wrong?) but it gets me audio. Great! Sort of…

The audio is fantastic to have back but now I am not getting any notifications. No friend or party requests, no in-game invites. Get back on with tech support and reset the console again. Yes, really? Fine. I test and get an game invite to work. Back in business, yeah? No, didn’t test the friend and party requests, oops. Get back with tech support again, this time the tech has me do the “power drain” procedure(never heard of it before, scroll to the bottom to read it) but it gets party requests working. Wait, no friend requests? Nope, next step is to disable Smart Glass connections. My Windows 10 pc had been getting all of the alerts and apparently that is a problem with the current preview build, although nobody directly said so. Reboot after disabling the connections and bang! Everything works, yeah! The tech wanted me to re-enable the Smart Glass connections but I declined. If everything works, I’m happy. Besides, I rarely if ever used the app at all.

Now imagine doing all of this over the course of five days, working with tech support via chat, testing and retesting equipment, getting strangers online to send you friend and party invites(big thanks to the Dark Zone Report community for that) all while I’m sick. Yep, I don’t know what or why but I’m running a fever and feeling like utter garbage throughout the entire process. Don’t forget that I committed to streaming this weekend and my stress level was only getting worse by the hour. Travel through the storm and we find, what we hope to be, calm waters and smooth sailing. Everything for the stream seems to be working, still going to do a few final checks. I’m feeling better but still not 100% but rest is on the order until Saturday.


Given everything that has been going on, I haven’t had much time to watch anything. When I did have time, however, it was spent watching the Blu-Ray copies of The Big Lebowski and The Men Who Stare at Goats that I recently purchased. These are two of my favorite movies and I’ve seen them far too many times. Sadly, I will continue to watch them incessantly.



Yep, only played The Division. When the Xbox was working, I needed to be testing my streaming rig, so that was what I did. I am pleased to see that Massive patched the game to make the loot drops more worthwhile. The sheen quickly left the Underground but I think this change will get people back into it.


  • No more Destiny on legacy consoles – Two years after its release, Bungie deployed its last patch to Destiny on the PS3 and Xbox 360. They have however done right by players offering free or cheap upgrades to the current generation of consoles thusly doing right by players. They will still deploy patches for bugs and such for a little while longer but no new content or events like Trial of Osiris and Iron Banner.

If you get a chance come watch me, or anybody else, stream during the Gear Up weekend. The event starts Friday July 29th and the stream will go up around 6pm Eastern(I think). I’ll be streaming Saturday July 30th starting at noon and stopping at 3pm. Then you’ll get to see some of the real stars of the site, the crew of the Checkpoint & Chill podcast.

Really??? You want to ready the Xbox One Power drain procedure? Well,,,ok then.

  1. Go into Settings, Disc & Blu-Ray, Persistent Storage, Clear Persistent Storage
  2. Go into Settings, Network, Network Settings, Go Offline
  3. Hold the power button for 5-10 seconds to shutdown the system
  4. Remove ALL cables(Kinect, controllers, network, power, etc.)
  5. Hold the power button for 5-10 seconds, release
  6. Wait 2-3 minutes
  7. Reconnect all cables
  8. Power the system on
  9. Go into Settings, Network, Network Settings, Go Online

Supposedly this clears “internal settings” but why did you have to read this? Do you really need to know this?

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