Dude’s Chronicles 6-16-2016: Post E3

Image via e3expo.com

Image via e3expo.com

Whether you watched it or not, E3 this year had some great news but lacked that blockbuster feel. With so much either being leaked or announced before the show, the biggest moments of this year’s E3 did feel that big. Sure there was a lot to take it in but that shock factor just wasn’t there.



  • Talladega Nights – When you just need a good laugh…Will Farrell in one of his dumbest movies. Nice.
  • Game of Thrones – With the season almost over, I thought they would be deeper into a few things but alas they are not. There are only two episodes left to air for this season and I fear they won’t cover all that I want to see.
  • The Marian – Jason Bourne goes to Mars. That was how it started anyway and kept that feel for a while but in the end it felt like a very different movie than how it started. Very enjoyable and worth another watch.


  • The Division – Of course but not as much. I played solo for a bit gathering some intel to do HVT’s but that was about it for most of the weekend. I was off work Monday so I jumped into matchmaking for Clear Sky and went with the same group through Falcon Lost. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any gear worth mentioning but it was good to play with the group I had and I enjoyed it.
  • Alienation – Well…I wish things had gone better. I still want to play more of it and hopefully finish the campaign but it has become more of a side mission than something I am concentrating on.


With E3 happening this week, there has been a lot of news and buzz. I watched and wrote about some of the conferences.

  • EA – This show was a awkward and janky as EA’s conference is every year. My big take away was that Titanfall 2 looks awesome and I’m more excited about Battlefield 1 than I thought I would be.
  • Bethesda – This show didn’t do much for me but I looks like they have a solid line up, just nothing that appeals directly to me.
  • Microsoft – I’m a PlayStation fanboy for the most part but I was impressed by Microsoft’s presentation. The only thing that got to me is how hard they were emphasizing their exclusives. I don’t put a lot of stock in console exclusives. Also, I don’t think this is Microsoft’s strongest selling point. My thoughts are that they can improve their total platform and lower their console price to get more players on board.
  • Ubisoft – In my opinion, this was one of the best conferences. Well paced and all about games with the exception of the Assassin’s Creed movie. I have more hope for Watch Dogs 2 than I had planned on and want to see more.
  • Sony – As I stated earlier, I am a PlayStation fanboy. With that said, I was not impressed with Sony’s conference. There wasn’t much sustenance and it was poorly paced. There was a lot of flash but no meat. Every time they got to that point where you expected the huge detail or big surprise, they simply moved to the next topic. Death Stranding from Kojima was the biggest buzz from the show but again, lots of flash, little meat.

E3 was a tremendous show this year for gamers and we have a lot to look forward to. The only problem is that much of it is further off than we would like it to be.

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