Dude’s Chronicles 5-26-2016: Yawn

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Kind of tired and haven’t been doing much but I still wanted to get something up this week just so I didn’t feel like a complete slacker.


Not much here..

  • The Fantastic 4(2006 and 2015) – I watched the 2105 version to see if it was as bad as people were saying it was – it is. Then I watched the 2006 version to see just how much worse the reboot was and found out that the older version really isn’t much better. The reboot felt like they tried to shake it up too much and ruined it. The original just felt like maybe it wasn’t very good to begin with and time has not helped.
  • Game of Thrones – Hold the door! Hold the phone. That was a monster of an ending that mad me choke up a bit. I feel like this show is still ramping up to something but it must be coming soon.
  • Twitch – I’ve been watching one particular player streaming The Division. While looking for someone streaming the Falcon Lost incursion, I found King Macho and have been watching his channel almost daily. Not exactly sure why but I like the guys energy and he has a positive vibe about him. Give him a visit.


Here ya go…

  • Alienation – Ditto from last week – Still playing through it and played a few matchmaking games. Getting a lot of enjoyment from this game but just haven’t finished.
  • Uncharted 4 – Ditto from last week. I’ve played a few hours of this and really don’t want to talk about it until I finish it.
  • The Division – The new patch is both good and bad. Loot drops have yielded better items but just like any patch with this game it has caused other issues. I haven’t had the problem of the High Value Targets(HVT) not working but I have had the screen be gittery and super bright while in my inventory. Tried the new incursion but the group couldn’t quite pull it off. Hopefully I can gear up a bit more and give it another go.


Well then….

  • The Division 1.2 – See above but yeah…good times.
  • No Man’s Sky delayed? – A report over at Kotaku says this game may be delayed into July or August. I’m tired of hearing this type of news about this game to the point that I just don’t care when it actually does release. I still plan on buying it but I’m just not going to get excited until I actually have it in hand.

Maybe over the holiday weekend I’ll get some sleep. Probably not.

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3 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 5-26-2016: Yawn

  1. I want to pick up Alienation at some point, having enjoyed Housemarque’s other games (Dead Nation and Resogun), but I’ll wait for a sale since I know I won’t get to it any time soon. Also trying to finish up the Drake Collection before picking up UC4, but man, it looks incredible.

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