Dude’s Chronicles 4-28-2016: I Blame Tina Fey

Image via sweatpantsandcoffee.com

Image via sweatpantsandcoffee.com

With another week gone by, I have found myself distracted by something.


It’s always a mix of things…

  • The Ranch – I went to this expecting nothing but found something I enjoyed greatly. Not being a fan of Ashton Kutcher gave the slit tilt towards not wanting to watch this series at all and the fact that I thought he was good is even more of a surprise. It was nice to see him reunited, on screen, with Danny Masterson and the two still had good chemistry. Although there was evidence of their characters from That ’70’s Show within their characters on this show it was still fun to see. Sam Elliot was my decided favorite with his grumpy, crotchety father character.
  • Lucy – In all honesty I watched about twenty minutes of this movie until I solidly remembered why it didn’t like it – it’s not very good.
  • Jurassic World – As much as I like Chris Pratt, I just can’t convince myself this movie is any good.
  • The Art of the Steal – This was an ok action movie but Kurt Russel just isn’t much of a draw at this stage in his career.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 2 – The season of the show seemingly branched out by doing more with some of the other characters. Everything eventually led back to Kimmy and did so in some hilarious ways. Titus Andromedon made me laugh countless times but his dance scene to Paula Adbul’s Forever Your Girl has planted the tune in my head since I watched it, I can’t get rid of it and I can’t stand it but then I chuckle thinking about the scene.
  • The Hunt for Bin Laden – A fairly yawn-able documentary about our government’s struggles to bring Bin Laden to justice. Not so much worth watching.
  • Spy Game – The most boring movie with two huge stars I have watched recently. The combination of Robert Redford and Brad Pitt did nothing to save this movie from being a complete snooze-fest. Every time the movie appeared to be at an action point, it passed with almost no notice and then the credits rolled.
  • V for Vendetta – I basically watch this movie because of Natalie Portman. It is an ok movie but nothing notable.
  • The Mummy – This movie has lost nothing over the years. Then again, it didn’t have much to begin with. It is sort of fun to watch but you could spend your time doing better things rather than watching it.
  •  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The plot line continues to thicken as we roll towards the season finale. A blend of action and intrigue has the tension mounting and I can’t wait to see it explode.
  • Game of Thrones – Glad t have it back but I feel more confused by the premiere of this season than I did by the conclusion of last season.(Spoiler?? – How do two people jump off of a castle and still be alive? What did I miss? I watched the show three time and just don’t get it.)


Here ya go…

  • Zombi – By the time I got to the first safe area I had lost interest. That was less than ten minutes into the game. I have absolutely no interest in returning to it.
  • Dead Star – At least I finished the tutorial of this game. It is a twin-stick space shooter that could be pretty fun. I want to go back to  but I just never seem to do so.
  • The Division – It’s not a good sign when even Fox News makes fun of it. There was also an article over on VG247 that talks about how a game dev has criticized the games netcode. If what he says is accurate it could be a deep seated problem and hard to correct. I was surprised to read how the game might be set up and see why it is a huge problem. Finding myself playing less and less but not because of the netcode issue, just lack of interest. Checking in to do the hard dailies is about it for me anymore which makes me wish they had a system to stack or hold the daily assignments like Destiny will let you hold bounties but that is of small concern given the other issues with the game at this point. Glitches be glitches.


Not much here but….

  • The Division – See above.
  • Uncharted 4:  A Thieve’s End – Apparently in a hilarious case of irony, some copies of the game were stolen. This just makes me laugh.
  • YouPorn had an esports team? – I guess they did and they got banded by the ESL. My only question how they managed to exist this long and have nobody say or do anything about it? That speaks more against the ESL than YouPorn.
  • Xbox 360 production has ceased – Thanks for the memories. You were a great console but your time is over. I’ve been contemplating the idea of packing mine up for storage. It pains me too much to think about parting with it but I haven’t even powered it on in months.
  • PS 4.5/NEO rumors – I hate the rumor mill, especially around consoles. Until somebody from the actual company says something official none of it matters. But is got me think, and hear me out on this.. what if PlayStation VR is just a hardware add-on that will allow for enhanced graphics and 4K output? I only put this forward as a possibility because nobody is sure what the peripheral “box” that comes with the PSVR actually does. Could it have the raw horse power needed to to better graphics? I doubt it but it could be possible. This would give current PS4 users a way to get better graphics and not shove completely different hardware platform onto the market. This would also keep the 30+ million base of players happy about keeping their current hardware and would only have to by the PSVR if they wanted the VR experience or a graphics upgrade. It’s pretty far-fetched but I wanted to through it out there.
  • Nintendo – I’m not sure of Nintendo’s strategy at this point. They announce the NX is coming out in March of 2017 but then announce that the next Zelda game is delayed until next year as well. Does that effectively kill the Wii U? Who’s going to invest in a system that is essentially not supported or developed for already when they know a new system is coming? And one of the most highly anticipated games is for the current console is also going to be on the new console? By the way, the NX won’t be at E3(scratches head).

Yes…that damn song is still stuck in my head.

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