Dude’s Chronicles 4-21-2016: Forgetting For Friday

headDon’t know about your work week but I really want to forget mine.


Of all the things to be watching:

  • Roadhouse – A classic ’80’s movie that is action packed and ridiculous. Perfect.
  • Superman Returns – After watching it again, it is not as bad as I remember it…close but not quite as bad.
  • B.B. King: The Life of Riley – An interesting look at one of my favorite musicians.
  • San Andreas –
  • Sunshine – What do you make of a Sci-fi psychological thriller that isn’t very thrilling, not very interesting, and questionable science? Not much.
  • Vacation(2015) – This movie didn’t have the same feel as the original. Maybe if I had never seen the original I would have like this one better.


So The Division…this is getting more and more like Destiny. The Division is trying to crack down on people using exploits to get rewards whereas Destiny had cheeses. It seems that Massive is taking more of an affront to these than Bungie did. They are looking to “punish’ players who used these exploits but they have not said what the punishment may be nor how they are going to determine who to punish. Unfortunately they are not addressing the real problem – the game is broken. The fact that people are actively looking for these exploits are big hint that they are not enjoying the game either. The reward system isn’t great but so many people trying to fast-track their rewards isn’t a good sign.

Maybe just like Destiny, I’m going to keep losing interest in The Division.


What’s that?….

  • The Division – Kind of already went over its issues.
  • Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst delayed, again – It’s only a few weeks but still…Hopefully it is just a case to do a little bit of extra polishes on the game and not something serious.
  • Prince died – RIP

My mind feels like mashed potatoes right now.

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