It’s Not My Fault… San Andreas

SANANDREASA disaster movie that is not a total disaster.

The tale of Ray Gaines beings far before the story of the movie. The film start with him out on patrol as a rescue-chopper pilot but we find that he was some history. Not only is a war veteran, he is the father of two but later we find that he tragically lost one of his daughters in an accident. Where we find Ray now is in the midst of loosing his wife, his remaining daughter going to college, and if that were not enough the largest earthquake in history happens. Now he must save his family from certain death

We’ve come to a point in time that almost any movie with Dwayne Johnson is a good watch. Somehow he has become the Arnold Schwarzenegger of his generation. One came from body building, the other from “professional” wrestling but each has carved out their spot as Hollywood stars. Although, I don’t know that I can argue for either of them actually being good actors but they are great watches.

With the movie San Andreas, Johnson takes he leap into the natural disaster drama. This movie is no Sharknado but they all can be that terribly entertaining. Based on some scientific facts, there is a lot of artistic license in this movie. Sure there is a fault line in San Andreas, how far and were it extends to nobody truly knows. Could the type of damage depicted in the movie actually happen? Again, nobody really know but past disasters have shown us the our Earth is capable disasters upon scale that are hard to even imagine.

Even though the movie is entertaining and fun to watch as a whole, I tend to get stuck on the details. Like:

  • If there are no known fault lines in Nevada, why would there be sensors there to begin with? One would think that resources would be scarce enough that long shots wouldn’t get these types of appropriations.
  • After the first quake in Nevada, why would Ray be going the next day instead of immediately? Moreover, why would a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department be going at all?
  • Why is the guy the daughter hooks up with British? Was this some cheap excuse for some one to have a map they can refer to three times in the movie? Who in this day and age has a paper anything? Why wouldn’t they have been using their ceel phones like normal people? Oh wait…they’re British.
  • If Blake, the daughter, had her legs pinned under debris while stuck in the car, why isn’t she injured in any way?
  • How does Ray not get called out for ignoring his civic duty and abandoning his job? Granted, his heart is in the right place trying to save his family but he essentially steals a helicopter and leaves his LAFD team in the lurch.
  • When Blake and Ben run by the firetruck, how can it be that the firefighters didn’t take their supply box AND nobody else looted it?
  • Does the scientist guy ever hook up with the reporter? They seem to have a thing going on but the movie ends without resolving this.

Most if these hangups can be overlooked as the movie is generally enjoyable. Given the over-the-top special effects and somewhat convoluted plot I still liked the movie. Don’t go looking for a sequel, rebuilding San Francisco after an earthquake would probably not make for a very compelling movie. That is unless this is a setup for Pacific Rim 2 or even a prequel!

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