Living Out My – Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo

ffxv-pdThe full Final Fantasy XV doesn’t release until later this year but the Platinum Demo is here now to give a very, very small taste of what is to come in the full release.

The story is played from the perspective of a young boy named Noctis. He has fallen asleep and is in his dream world. Here he finds some kind of unicorn-rabbit-dog and decides to follow it on this Alice in Wonderland type adventure. Just like Alice, Noctis is trying to get home but he must do so by waking up from his dream. This demo is short, coming in at about thirty minutes needed for completion. I managed to play the end boss twice in that time and my skills at this game are lackluster to say the least.

The only Final Fantasy game I can compare this to, because it is the only other one I’ve played, is Final Fantasy XIII. There are similarities and there are differences. The character modeling and environments look stylistically similar. The third person perspective is also done and works in a similar faction, although I did find that movement was a bit ‘floaty’ and imprecise at times. The camera would turn to an angle in combat that made it impossible to see what you were doing at times. Most definitely not ideal especially during combat. The game differs in its combat style moving from a turn based play to an attack and defend style real time combat. I liked the later much better, even if I’m not skilled at it.

Taken for what it is, a demo, this game is alright. It delivers what a demo piece should. A small sliver of what is to come and it can be forgiven for the few issues it has. It is still an impressive looking game with a trippy atmosphere. It leaves open a great amount of promise and intrigue to come in the game’s full release.

However, I will not be enticed into making a purchase of said full game. There is a great respect that I place towards the Final Fantasy series but I still cannot generate a personal interest in it. Not knowing or understanding the lore is a barrier that I cannot seem to overcome. Nor is there any draw to seeing and playing new characters or story. Buying the game just to play it is not worth it to me. Those that do enjoy the Final Fantasy series have a lot to look forward to.

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