Dude’s Chronicles 4-7-2016: Of My Track


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(Apparently this didn’t publish when I intended….ooops.)

I must have got lost somewhere down the line. Not sure where the weekend went but I wish the work week would disappear just as fast.


I found myself in some deep rabbit holes this week, of which I’m still not sure I have returned. For instance:

  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – I don’t like movies or shows that use time travel. This weeks episode used a form of this when Daisy was given a vision of the future. This entire episode could have been done without using the method. It was still a good episode but I think they could have done better.
  • Sharknado 3 – After having watched the first two I just had to know how ridiculous the third was. Well, if I expected ridiculous and outrageous I was not disappointed. C’mon…David Hasselhoff on the moon? Thumbs up for bad entertainment that entertains you by being so bad.
  • The Prince of Pennsylvania – The downfall of John Du Pont was one I was not familiar with. Another great in the 30 for 30 series shows how a man of wealth and privilege can be just as human or evil as the rest of us. An absolutely fascinating watch.
  • Soaked In Bleach – Like Curt Cobain? Like conspiracy theories? Watch this film and you’ll probably think less of Courtney Love, if possible. As with any conspiracy theory, there is a lot of conjecture and assumption combined with tainted hindsight in this film. There are some compelling points but obviously law enforcement hasn’t seen fit to re-open any investigation in this matter.
  • Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie – My favorite penguins ever.
  • Cartel Land – What starts out as an intriguing expose into the Mexican cartel devolves into a less than interesting documentary about Mexican society. At points I was on the edge of my seat only to be able to predict what was going to happen. I’m left to wonder how much of this is true versus how much was given “creative license” mostly because some of the footage seems staged.
  • Constantine – I never watched this movie before and was pleased with what I saw. Not great but good if I had to rate it. Would have been better if it where not so long and drawn out.
  • Inside Man – Through almost the entirety of the movie I felt compelled to keep watching. This is astounding given how slowly the movie unfolds but at the very end I felt disappointed. It seems there were still setups that had yet to pay off when the screen faded to black and the movie ended. This ending felt abrupt and unsatisfying at best.
  • Archer : Season 6 – Damn, I want to be a spy.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Some may dismiss this as one of Disney’s least successful movies but it truly was groundbreaking and revolutionary at the time, at least in my opinion. It took great strides of ingenuity to create this film and likely sparked ideas for CG and effects throughout the industry. Plus, it is still fun to watch and marvel at how several studios were able to allow so many characters to come together in one movie.
  • Animaniacs – This effectively derailed me. Since the weekend i’ve watched countless hours of this and have enjoyed every second of it. Seeing my favorite characters like Wakko and The Brain as well as bits like Good Idea Bad Idea take me back in time and still make me laugh feels good. Watching it again, I see an intelligence in the comedy that I didn’t fully appreciate the first time I watched these episodes.


Do you know the feeling at Thanksgiving dinner when you have already had too much to eat but you still have another plate then two deserts? I feel like that towards The Division. As much as I am enjoying the game play I really think I need to take a break or at least play it a bit less.

They just announced a host of changes that will come in next week’s patch leaving me with some mixed feelings. The Incursion mode looks interesting but sounds like it be brutal as well. New gear sets are nice but the upgraded enemies and lack of checkpoints sounds tough. The harder enemies aren’t the issue, I just hate to imagine getting to the last boss and having to start back at the beginning of the Incursion if the team gets wiped out.

The change I don’t care for is the one affecting crafting. Not only are they changing the rate you can receive them, you will also need more to craft items. That is, if you used to get two weapon parts for breaking down a gun you will only get one after the patch. That wouldn’t be so bad but when you go to craft an a new item, like a weapon, you’ll need more of the corresponding materials. High-end will need 10 instead of eight, whereas Specialized will need 15 instead of five.

The rush now is too do as much crafting as possible before the patch is released but this also has a long term effect. Drop rates are decent compared to games like Destiny but lousy compared to ames like Diablo III. This means players will have to grind more for less result and even when they do get a drop it will have less yield. The affect is compounded by the increased drain of these items when used. I know grinding for gear is part of any RPG but it is going to take enjoyment out of the game to constantly be worried more about getting loot rather then just enjoying the game.

Wire your wireless controller???

Wire your wireless controller???


And we see that….

  • PS 4 firmware version 3.5 firmware – The big delivery that I see in this is the ability to use Remote Play from a PC or Mac. I’ve tried it and have to say it is not great but rather a good start. When you initially start the program it connects at 540p using a “standard” frame rate that frankly does not look good. You can change it to 720p with a “high” frame rate to improve the experience. Granted it looks better but still not great. There is also a notable lag even with both the PC and PS4 hardwired. I don’t see playing any games that require instant reaction times but perhaps it would be good enough to stream games for those that would like to stream from a separate pc rather then the PS4 itself. This feature has potential and this first release needs refinement to get to the level that the Xbox One is capable of but that system has been offering the function for a while and has had time to iterate on it.
  • Gears of War 4 release date – October 11th is the day we get to chainsaw kill some new enemies. Still excited for this game but feeling a touch uneasy about it with the new developer. Having some anxiety that it will take a turn like Halo has with 343 Industries at the helm. Not to say that it is bad but that I am not enjoying it as much.
  • The Division 1.1 patch – Covered the crafting and Incursion points of this already(see above). There is also going to be a reporting system for cheating on the PC platform. Good to see improves and tweaks being made, whether I think they are good or not. Just make sure you don’t craft that high-end backpack yet.
  • Destiny April update – Just can’t force myself to care, sorry Bungie.
  • Donald Trump’s Mass Effect – Somebody parodied the Mass Effect 2 launch ad into a Trump ad. Leave my Mass Effect alone!
  • Next Mass Effect may have a jetpack! – Or may not?!? “Leaked” footage shows a Mass Effect environment with a player that is able to jetpack but take it for what it is: a “leaked” footage from an unknown time in the development of a game that is still in development and the footage was “discovered” near April Fool’s Day. Let me know when Bioware or EA actually release something, then we’ll talk.
  • Vive releases – The need for a fairly large open space combined with shipping/payment problems just equals another rocky launch. Welcome to the show HTC!
  • Final Fantasy XV needs to sell 10 million copies to be a success? – Who drew this conclusion? I “ass”ume it was some accountant in an office with no window and poor circulation. Taking only production costs versus unit sales is not a great forecast given all the side content that will be sold, DLC and other merchandise. This is the same mentality that declared the Tomb Raider reboot a failure even after selling over 8 million copies.

My goal for the week is to play something other than The Division. Unfortunately I think I’ll end up grinding for gear before the patch and looking for supply drops in the Dark Zone afterwards. Is there a support group for this behavior?

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