The Master Chief Gets A New Voice

halo-bannerIn a move that may be seen as a betrayal to long time lovers of Halo, the iconic voice of the Master Chief has been replaced. Steve Downes, whom has voiced the character since it’s inception, will no longer voice the character he helped to mold. Siting “creative differences”, Downes has stepped away stating that he was not comfortable with the new direction that 343 Industries has planned for the character. With this announcement, we instantly worry what changes made the actor leave and who will take his place.

Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, has released a statement:

“It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we say goodbye to Steve’s(Downes) reign as the Master Chief. He was obviously a key component in making the character as classic and prominent as he is. We will always value and cherish his contributions and wish him the very best in his future endeavors. However, we are just as committed to moving the Halo franchise forward and brining a freshness to the series that both long time fans and newcomers will enjoy. With that commitment, we have decided on a new voice for Master Chief.”

To answer the burning question of who is is the new Master Chief, we turn to executive producer Kiki Wolfkill:

“When dealing with such an iconic and established character, we needed someone that was bold, dynamic, charismatic, and has great energy. Basically we needed a voice that could grab you by the loins and run with you. We considered so many names for this role but we kept coming back to the same one, all of us. That man is Dave Lang”

dave-langThe CEO of Iron Galaxy my be better known to gamers for his exploits with Giant Bomb and his podcast as the leader of Team GFB Radio. Regardless, the choice of Dave Lang is one that none of us could have been prepared for. When reached for comment, Lang had the following to say:

“Get ready for the most sexiest Master Chief ever. This is going to get so wet you won’t even need lube for those guns!”

When asked to clarify his comments, Lang muttered even more incoherent nonsense to the effect of “nades on my nads”. Not sure if this was a particular offense directed at my person or if he was speaking of new gameplay.

Upon learning the name of his replacement, Steve Downes had this to say:

“Dave Lang? Man, fuck that guy!”

For some of us, we see the need to change things up to make Halo interesting again. Was this the move that needed made? Time will tell when Halo 6 releases later this year.


Full Disclosure: If you have read this far and haven’t gotten the joke, take a step back and consider the date that this was published on. None of the information here is real, except – fuck Dave Lang.

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