Dude’s Chronicles 3-31-2016: Beware of Fools


Image via quotesgram.com

Image via quotesgram.com

The Irish are resting for next year so bring on the fools. I’ve always felt like this was the most Polish of all days.


The two most recent episodes of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been interesting. At first I thought it was frustrating how the plot and cast are constantly changing but I’ve come to enjoy it. In fact, all the twists and new characters help to keep the show fresh and my interest at a peak. It remains the only show I regularly watch on television at this point.

I also went through and re-watched Powers from Sony since the new season is due to release soon. I somewhat miscalculated in that I thought the new season released on March 31 when in fact it releases on May 31. Oops but I enjoyed watching it more the second time than I did the first time. Sharlto Copley didn’t fit the part of a fallen superhero at first but after watching the series again I think he may have been perfect. Perhaps he would not have worked as a superhero in my mind but he works well as someone who has fallen from grace.


Yep, more of The Division. For both the good and the bad I am still enjoying this game. The Dark Zone has calmed down a bit and there is not as much PVP murder going on. However, matching making after the last patch seem a tad more unstable. There was always the issue of a mission not starting correctly for a match made group but now there have been issues after the start. I’ve seen enemies disappear and then re-appear in different places; damage from guns not being effective; getting dropped from a game then being thrown back in after restarting matchmaking; and a few other things that have just been making it feel like a mess.

One thing that I am really truly disappointed in is something that unfortunately is not unique to The Division or any other game. During one match made game, the group I was in made it to the first boss phase and I thought all was well. I killed the last enemy of the wave and the next wave started. After doing which, one of the other players that had been silent the entire game until this point keyed on the mic(and I’ll paraphrase) “Dude, you @*&%ing idiot. Why would you kill the last guy and start the next wave? You useless piece of $#!*. Don’t you know how to farm this mission right? $&^# face. Yeah, go ahead and die. You worthless piece of $#!*.”

At this point I almost blasted on my mic to tell this chap to go put it where the sun don’t shine but I thought better of it. No, I don’t know the proper farming method. What I would like the other player to consider is that not many do and if they do know a method it may not be the one he intends. Also, if you are playing with random players you cannot assume anything. It would have been far more constructive to come on the mic earlier and ask “Hey guys, do you know the farming method for this mission?” or even “Guys, follow my lead. I know a way to do this easier.”

In a perfect world, I would have all the knowledge available for every game I play but like many other I just don’t have the time. I do my best and unfortunately this particular player did not appreciate my efforts.  I did not appreciate his vulgarity or demeanor in the matter either. Last time I played a Call of Duty something similar happened and it soured me on playing again. It is unfortunate that these incidents that are the minority of in game encounters overshadow both the fun of the game and other players. My overall experience with other players has been good other than this encounter and I’m disappointed that this one bad experience has to stand out so much.


Roll the tape…

  • Xbox One consoles can be dev kits!!! – I personally don’t see a need for this but I acknowledge that others do. Any Xbox One can be a dev kit, with some caveats, which is nice for those with limited resources but still want to try to develop their own games. Bravo to Microsoft coming through on a promise it made three years ago. It took time to fulfill, much like Sony did with SharePlay, and it will likely be just as useful to me but great for others.
  • Titanfall 2!!! – Its supposed to be bigger than the last game and have a single player campaign. I absolutely loved the first Titanfall and am completely onboard for the sequel. Between the Xbox One and PC versions that I own, I’m not sure how many hours i’ve sunk into this game but I would do it all over again.
  • One less sexy butt pose in Overwatch??? – I guess there was an uproar about one of the victory poses in Overwatch, so much to the point that Blizzard changed it. I guess Bayonetta can display that bootie but not Fipps. Perhaps it was unfounded and overtly sexually but why call out this one instance in this game in particular?
  • Xbox One backward compatibility keeps expanding – I know…you are as excited as I am, if not more so to play Halo Wars again and again and again. Ok, maybe not but it is good to see Microsoft committed to this service regardless of how useful I think it is. Although, the idea of playing Left 4 Dead 2 again is very, very tempting.

Look out for all of those fools out there. You’ll be surprised how they will out smart you.

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