Dude’s Chronicles 3-24-2016: Blueprint Blues

Head in Hands

This world is not perfect, first of all I wish all the best to anyone affected by the recent attacks in Brussels and elsewhere. Looking beyond the world news, things have been good in my realm. I just wish everybody had it as good. Chin up everybody.


After watching the second season of Daredevil, I needed to just watch a few mindless things. So I watched Tim Burton’s Batman yet another time. Then I watched Son of Batman again. For a change of pace I re-watched 30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo. Finally I watched Serenity. All of these I recommend and will probably watch again, and again, and again.


The Division is still going strong for me. Rolling through the Dark Zone is an ongoing pain and joy but I keep doing it regardless. I’ve been doing the daily hard missions to get some gear and credits but have yet to complete one of the challenge level missions. One try with a group showed me that none of us had what it takes at the time. Obviously I needed better gear and ran into the same problem as any RPG in that it is quite elusive. Better gear would not drop for me so I bought a blueprint for a high-end SMG and was very happy with it. As soon as I had enough credits built up I bought a blueprint for a high-end marksman rifle, or so I thought I did until I went to craft it only to found I had bought a shotgun blueprint instead. Honestly, it was my mistake for scrolling up and down through the items then not paying proper attention to which one I was on when I went through with the purchase. I wouldn’t feel so bad if I ever used a shotgun. Just another reminder that I can be a real dumbass at times..

The latest patch to the game has been mostly good. They had to back off of their plans to rework the drops for Phoenix credits unfortunately, due to technical reasons. If the Dark Zone wasn’t brutal enough who should like the retuning the did since the NPC’s are far more aggressive and will chase you down given the chance. There is a good and bad to the spawn changes. The good – enemies, including bosses spawn more often. The bad – the will spawn right next to you. Hopefully the later is just a glitch that needs adjusted. Unless they intend the NPC’s to be able to ghost up on you.

They also drastically changed the penalty for dying as a rogue. It used to be you lost about 20k XP at the least, I died as a rogue after the patch and only lost about 2.7k XP. This huge reduction has been detrimental to solo players like me because it makes it so there almost no penalty for going rogue. Massive and Ubisoft probably did this to get more PVP action but it is way out of whack now. Because of so many people killing other players, I hit level 36 seven times in one day. How? I hit it by killing NPC’s, then died to an NPC which took enough to make me 35 again. I went to get my loot back, farmed again to be 36, then another player gunned me down in the street, 35 again. Fine, get my loot back – again – kill more NPC’s, get 36 again, try to extract and get killed by a gang of other players, 35 yet again. Head back to get my loot, get it, get baited into going rogue by another player, hit 36, try to run out the timer, run straight into a group of four players, 35 again, again. Go get my loot, AGAIN, kill NPC’s at the extraction zone, hit 36, get gunned down by a different group of players, 35 again. Last shot, grab my loot, kill NPC’s, get extraction, hit 36, quit game for the night.


Never a dull moment…

  • Destiny April update outline – Higher light level, Prison of Elders revamped, new strikes, and not one bit of it interests me. It could be I’m just burnt out on the game, it could be that I’m into The Division but I just can’t force myself into the thought of playing this game again, for any reason.
  • Evolution Studios shuttered – Whether it was the fault of DriveClub or not, it is always sad to see a studio close Hopefully those that are not moved to other studios with in Sony will quickly find work elsewhere.
  • Battleborn beta starts April 8th on PS4 – I’m curious about this game but I seem to have a problem as I confuse it with Paragon and Lawbreakers. Maybe playing it will help sort that out.
  • Wii U ending production? – Reports claim no more units will be made after this year but Nintendo is denying that claim. Of course they have to deny the claim in hopes that somebody is still looking to buy one or two. However, realistically they have to be winding down production soon if they are gearing up development and then production of a new console.
  • VR – With the Oculus Rift releasing on March 28th, the hype-train is in over drive. Pre-orders and different bundles have been announced for PlayStation VR and given and October release. Oddly, there isn’t much talk about Valve’s Vive even though it releases in April. I won’t be a first adopter for any of these since I still need to see something more than just the hype.
  • More console upgrade hype! – I still think this all a big red herring and will never really happen. Given the closed build of the systems and the fact that USB just isn’t going to have the throughput needed for powerful peripheral upgrades, this just isn’t very feasible. Plus, given the fact that we are now two and a half years in to the consoles’ lifespan(remember the PS3/Xbox360 era lasted about seven years) it would essentially be asking owners to upgrade or replace their system halfway through their lifespan. Then you would be asking people to replace them again in just a few years. This is near the argument that people have against PC gaming. You might see add-ons, like PlayStation VR, for the consoles but don’t expect anything to upgrade the graphics output of any console.

I’ve been trying to stream more of my gameplay. Through these efforts I’ve grown in respect for those that are not only good at it but are successful since neither are easy and don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If I can keep up with it and get a consistent schedule I’ll be sure to share it here. Otherwise you’ll just have to see when I pop up on my Twitch channel.

So draws a close to another post about nothing but my ramblings. Thanks for stopping by.

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