A Reason for – Daredevil Season 2

daredevil-s2Building on the people and events of the first season, Daredevil returns to Netflix for a tremendously entertaining second season. The first few episodes may groan in dullery and muck but once the ground work is laid the show takes off.

Much will be familiar for those that bathed in the first season. Some of it will have to be recalled for those of us who neglected to re-watch the first season prior to the second’s release. Back are the characters that are the base of Daredevil’s construction but new faces are brought to to the fray to expand and enhance the story. The plot is complex and compelling enough to keep you wondering where it may be heading at any moment. If you may be prideful about being able to predict outcomes in shows and movies you may have to take in some humble pie as this season tends not to foretell much if anything and you may not be able to figure out as much as you suspect.

One of the new characters to be shown is Elektra. This is one of those dull parts mentioned earlier as it takes some time to show how Murdock and Elektra now each other much less how or why they may come to work together. No spoilers here but Elektra is a fairly pivotal character for at least this season. Elektra herself is at first nothing more than a spoiled brat in a grown up body but the show does well to peel back the layers to reveal the true tortured nature of the character by the time the season concludes.

A welcomed return of a character was that of the Kingpin. Still one of the best, and surprisingly so, villain performances comes from Vincent D’Onofrio. His part is much smaller this season but it was still an important one. Working his crime syndicate from within the prison walls allows him to press an advantage when it presents itself. Likely, he will be back for season three with much more to contend with.

By all accounts, the key part of the new season was that of the Punisher. A large percentage of the story is based around the character and helps to lead the other characters to their eventual points. Jon Bernthal absolutely nails every aspect of his role. From the growl in his deep voice to the glean in his eye, along with the delivery he gives to every line, you believe that he is both the victim and mad man.

If you were a fan of the first season you’ve likely already watched the second one. Any of you on the fence about the show need to give it another chance. The only thing to hold against the second season being better than the first is the fact the the first few episodes were a tad slow. This initial drag pays of big dividends in the later episodes and is well worth the time.

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One thought on “A Reason for – Daredevil Season 2

  1. Loved the first season and so far I’ve only made it to episode 5 (I think) of S2. The continuous shot fight scene in the staircase of episode 3 was so damn cool. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

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