Remembering What’s Your Tag?

Thanks for remembering.

Comma Eight Comma One

The world of game blogs, and fans of game themed comedy comics lost another outlet earlier this week. What’s Your Tag? was probably not on your radar, but it should have been. Particularly if you enjoyed internet comics in the vein of Penny Arcade, the late Shortpacked, or VGCats. As is the case with most web comics it wasn’t a huge outlet with millions, and millions of readers. But it also had its own identity. The crude art style coupled with some crafty jokes made for a pretty unique feel.

Even if you didn’t agree with an underlying message in a particular strip the effort would still garner a laugh. Sometimes the strip would go for an obvious joke, but even then pull it off without making you roll your eyes. One of the funniest strips made fun of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s buggy launch. Most infamously was a…

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