Dude’s Chronicles 3-18-2016: Blame the Irish

I know it’s not Thursday but it wasn’t my fault that it was St. Patty’s Day and the kick off of March Madness. Those two events lead me to be at a bar instead of at my computer. I think after returning from a vacation and finding a cluster of disaster at work I needed a few drinks.


Have you ever watched the movie Badass with Danny Trejo? The only thing more ridiculous and terribly entertaining than that wreck of a movie are the two sequels. Badasses 2 and 3 not only step up the hilarious old man action but it also adds Danny Glover. This series has now become the senior citizen variety of Lethal Weapon and it is glorious. Give it a watch if you are into bad acting and poor story writing but love a good laugh.

Nice to have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. back. The first two episodes of this seasons second half were pretty good.


It has been all about The Division. I posted my impression of the game yesterday for all to read. I have found that it whether I enjoy the Dark Zone or not depends on what type of players I run into. If I run into the likes that are just like me, running solo or in a smaller group, trying to get XP and maybe some loot it is fine and good. However, if there is a pack or two of people strictly killing other players, then it is horrible. This is hit or miss based on the player mix and is nothing that the game or developers are likely able to controller. Maybe they could offer a special region of the DZ for PvP players to go with boosted XP levels. Then again, that would probably just end up taking map space away from everybody.

As I continue to play the game I have a few things that I wish would get changed or corrected:

  1. Why can I shut car doors and trunks but not hoods?
  2. I want the Dark Zone renamed to the Danger Zone. Bonus if Kenny Loggins is playing on a loop at random entrances.
  3. When you bound over a car hood, the animation should be a Duke of Hazzard style slide.


More stuff just keeps happening..

  • PlayStation VR – We now know that the unit will cost $399 but you’ll also need the camera for an additional $60. My pal Brad did a nice write up about this and we both agree that we can’t go run out and buy one until we see the games and apps.
  • Microsoft opens to cross platform play – This has been something people have wanted for a long time but Microsoft has forbidden it. Now they are opening up to more Xbox One and PC cross play for multiplayer gaming. Furthermore, they are open to linking to other networks like PlayStation. Don’t go looking for this to happen overnight, there is still a ton of leagal and technical issues to deal with but Microsoft opening up to it is a great start.
  • EverQuest Next cancelled – The older EverQuest games will still be supported but it makes one wonder what the future of the franchise is. It is somewhat disturbing to keep seeing games canceled at the current rate.

It’s a party weekend for the college town I live in. My plan is to avoid as much of that scene as possible. Locking the doors to play The Division and watch movies sounds like a good plan to me. If you see me streaming or just playing, feel free to pop in and say hello.

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