Dude’s Chronicles 3-12-2016: How Time Slips Away

so-confusedHaving the week off of work has done two things to me. Firstly it has caused me to completely forget what day of the week it is. Secondly, it has utterly destroyed my sleep schedule. I didn’t post this on Thursday(as per my new norm) because I didn’t realize when it was Thursday. That may have been partially caused by sleeping and waking up multiple times in the same day. So confused.


Having finished watching all the episodes of Arrow that Netflix has to offer I found it time to more on. This was sad in a way because I was enjoying the show and I know there is more of it out there. Fortunately there was the new season of House of Cards and was that ever satisfying.

The was House of Cards ended its last season had me wondering what direction they were going to take it and how they would do it. Let’s just say I saw the direction but I was nowhere near on how they would do it. I don’t want to talk spoilers because if you love the show you really need to watch it now. No really, stop reading and go watch it. To me, this is likely the best season of this show since its first.

Other things I watched:

  • Hellboy – This is still one of my favorite comic book based movies even though it is one of the characters I am least familiar with. Ron Perlman was a questionable choice at first but I think he nailed the role. Plus there was the news that the third movie is likely to never happen, which makes me sad. Then again, maybe it will.
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Time has not been kind to this movie, it is still terrible.
  • Son of Batman – This a predictable but enjoyable animated feature. The plot was nothing original in my view but it was well done and entertaining. A recommended watch for Batman fans.
  • Eraser – Yet another terrible movie that time has not been kind to. This one is better to watch than the previously mentioned Robin Hood movie only because it is less painful and more hilarious to watch. If you don’t think the fake gator are funny then there is something wrong with you.
  • Justice League: War and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox – I lump these two together because they are of the same series. War wasn’t bad but wasn’t anywhere near great. It was good to watch one but not twice. The Flashpoint Paradox was far better. It had a much more compelling plot and held my interest better. This one would be worth a second watch.
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach – I was disappointed when this was release with Halo 5 but you had to buy the special edition of the game or outright by the movie separately. Having seen it, I’m even more disappointed with Halo 5. This movie was better than the game. I don’t want to hate on Halo 5 but I did not care for it. The Fall of Reach was a great dive in to the past of Spartan 117 and was more entertaining than the last game.


Apart from a few rounds of the Uncharted 4 stress test, my gaming has been exclusive to The Division. The Uncharted 4 stress test really wasn’t that impressive but I don’t play Uncharted for the multiplayer. The Division is pretty good so far but it is not without its issues, more on that at a later time.


Some weird and wacky stuff went on..

  • Coleco Chameleon Canceled – It was a quick but strange trip for this project to go from readying a Kickstarter to being canceled. How or why they would post a bogus hardware picture is beyond me. I don’t have a great interest in retro-consoles but the story behind this one is just so weird.
  • 38 Studios – If you thought this topic was long over you would be just as wrong as I was. Apparently the SEC has been looking into this and have filed fraud charges. I now wonder how that will turn out.
  • Fable Legends Canceled – This news makes one wonder what the heck Microsoft if doing. Not only did this get canceled, while in closed beta, they canceled Project Knoxville and plan to close both studios in charge of those projects. Microsoft may have been king of the hill in the Xbox 360 era but news like this continues to demonstrate how they are barely treading water in the Xbox One era.

Well, as my vacation draws to a close I can’t help but dread returning to work but I must do what I must do.

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