Finally Played – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


The quick version of this review would be to say ‘meh, it’s a Call of Duty game’, but let us not be so quick about it.

Flung a few decades into the future, Mitchell is dropping ODST style into South Korea. You manage to win the battle but you lose your arm and best friend. Out of the military and into private militia work thanks to your friend’s father, who happens to own the world’s largest private army. Not only does he employ you but he also givse you a fancy new robot arm. As you begin to work missions for your new employer things begin to get weird.  A large terrorist group changes the world in a bad way but your employer is the world’s savior. Unfortunately things aren’t on the up and up…bingo bango – your boss is the bad guy, dang it any way.

Everything about the game fits into the Call of Duty mold and that is not completely a bad thing. The graphics are well done and realistic given the futuristic timeline. There is a nice mix of traditional guns and some “made up” weapons but all of which work well and are very functional. Even the multiplayer modes play as well as previous games. The added zest of the newer weapons are a fresh flavor to the existing game modes.

With the good comes the bad. Just as much as game has the good elements of the series it also has some of the worst. The campaign, as fun as it was, came off to be as formulaic as any in the series with its ‘follow this guy, go do this thing and get out’ missions. The problem I found with the multiplayer had nothing to do with the game itself but rather the community that plays it. From the very first match I was in there was somebody squawking about how every player on their team sucked and that everybody on the other team is going to die. It was sad to see that this community is still one of the more rancid and immature I’ve been exposed to.

Please don’t think that I did not enjoy this game. It was a solid shooter and one of the better Call of Duty games I’ve played of late.  I also understand that not everybody that plays these games is as horrible as the people I spoke of earlier, it is just that they taint and mar the game in an unfortunate way. The campaign was a fun play through but left little to go back to. If you like the CoD multiplayer than this game was just fine. I’m just glad I waited for the price to drop under $20 rather than pay the original $60.


Paul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


2 thoughts on “Finally Played – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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  2. I usually enjoy AAA shooter campaigns. They fill that campy 80’s action void in my heart and are usually good ways to kill a weekend. That being said, I still haven’t played AW but I’d like to at some point.

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