Less Uncertain – Tom Clancy’s The Division (Beta)…Again


the-division-coverHere we are talking about The Division beta, again. The open beta has come and gone without answering much more about the game. Bear in mind that this was still only a beta and likely was still old code. With that said…

Unfortunately, but understandably, we didn’t get much more about the story. The only addition was one mission to go rescue a security guy. Pretty thin but it did have the same basic structure as the previous mission which shows some consistency but offered slightly different goals and mechanics. Hopefully this is an indication that the missions will be familiar in structure but not overly repetitive. Remember that this is an RPG and you will likely be replaying missions over and over in order to accumulate XP, it would be bad if it felt like you were just playing the same missions again and again.

As far as the Dark Zone goes, I still hate it at points but enjoyed it immensely at others. Playing solo in the Dark Zone was still a gamble on all fronts. Other players were still keen to turn on you for loot or just to get XP and add to the fact that the NPC’s were far more powerful and plentiful. Whereas the NPC’s in the previous beta were challenging, these NPC’s could be murderous. They were stronger, seemingly more intelligent, and much more prevalent. At one point I got caught in between two pairs of NPC’s and got mowed down like I was nothing. Still don’t know what can be done to make this aspect better for solo players.

When the Dark Zone was at its best was playing as part of a group. I joined up with some random players with our max force being about eleven people. Granted a party can only be four people we were still able to join up with each other as a group and work together. The time and my rank quickly passed while in this group as I rose from rank three to ten within two hours. We were able to walk the streets destroying any NPC or rogue player that came into our sights. This was the high point of the beta for me.

THE-DIVISION-GLITCHSince it was a beta there were still problems. Loot crates that wouldn’t open and items couldn’t be picked up but problems that can be fixed nonetheless. Then there were some graphical glitches(see above). I didn’t find any of the bugs game breaking or frustrating but I hope to find the vast majority of them absent from the final game.

I hold a lot of hope for this game but I continue to be concerned. What little I’ve seen of the story has somewhat placated my worries of the campaign but my solo experiences in the Dark Zone have made me more concerned. If the Dark Zone is to be the most desirable game mode I feel interest could quickly wane if I play mainly solo. If only I had friends(sigh).

But on a side note…

Is this a meth lab???


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