Dude’s Chronicles 2-18-2016: Where You Been Lately?

EaglesHi, how are things? Haven’t written one of these in a while but i had some free time whilst the beta for The Division downloads in a painstakingly slow fashion.

So what have I been up to? Watching people drop like flies, just like last year. Seriously, the number of artist that have died in the public eye is being out-shadowed by the number of people that have passed in my private life. The only thing I or any of us can do is carry on. I’ll miss the likes of Glenn Frey and David Bowie but I’ll miss my uncle more.

Let’s talk cheerier topics shall we? What? No, I’m not going to keep rambling on about dead people. Go read something else if you want that you sicko!

kenny-powersI’ve been watching a lot of shows and movies that I wasn’t compelled enough to do full write ups on but here is a list of them and a few thoughts about them.

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday weekend and basking in the unofficial end of summer. As for me, I’m on call for work so I’m living it up indoors.


  • Eastbound and Down – Funny show. I really liked the humor and how oblivious Kenny any most of the characters were most of the time. The forth season wasn’t near the caliber of the first three and felt unnecessary.
  • Parks and Recreation – Again, funny show. Again, the final season was not nearly as good as the previous seasons. The ending of season six felt like the real ending and the seventh season was just a bunch thrown together ideas that were all over the place.
  • Master of None – Aziz Ansari is a funny guy, this show however is not his best work. There are only ten episodes at the moment and the show follows a clear bell curve of entertainment. The first two episodes are slow and set some ground work but the show starts taking off and gets pretty entertaining through the next few episodes. The show is at its best when Ansari’s character hooks up with a girlfriend the two play off of each other. Unfortunately the ninth episode turns into an utter disaster and breaks the whole thing apart with the ten episode closing out the season on an unsatisfying confused tone. It has already been renewed for a second season but I’m not sure if I’ll even check it out.
  • True Story – Jonah Hill and James Franco team up to make a movie about a true story but it turns out to be as obvious as the title. The movie was terrible predictable and not worth watching. Just yawn a couple of times loudly and you’ll feel the same as if you had watched this movie.
  • Transformers – Watching this movie again makes me wonder how it kicked of the success of this series. It watches like a slow motion train wreck and I just can’t look away.
  • Knocked Up – Another movie with funny and heartfelt moments mixed together but yet again becomes predictable and uninteresting.

As far as gaming…I played the closed beta and I’m trying to get back into the open beta of The Division. I tried getting back into Destiny but the more I played it the more I remembered why I don’t want to play it.

Have a great day or night or whatever.

dudewantshisrug-profilePaul Novak

Owner, Proprietor, Typer of Words, Gamer, Jester

A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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