Surprisingly Bad – Battlefield: Hardline



The moment this game was announced, my first question was “Why?”. That question remains unanswered.

In Miami, a drug war is raging. An honest cop, name Nick Mendoza, is trying to stay honest but finds that his fellow cops may not be. Who is and isn’t on the take is unclear. Mendoza must try to take down those that are but finds that this is easier said than done. Things go from bad to worse and Mendoza finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Or does he?

To be blunt, the campaign is a mess. All the characters and story points feel rushed. There is little to no development of most things and people leaving the player confused if nothing else. This also lead to the introduction of events and people that felt fabricated and out of place. The game was intended to be delivered like a television show but the episodic format made it even less sensible. The novelty of having a recap of the previous stage was fleeting at best and lent nothing to the game overall.

The somewhat saddest fact of this game is that the multiplayer portion is pretty good. Much like the multiplayer of any other Battlefield entry, this multiplayer has good action and feel. There is a decent variation of gameplay even on the base maps.

This game felt more like a mod for Battlefield than a full game of its own. The small variants in the multiplayer portion were not robust enough to warrant a stand alone product. The urban landscapes could have been graphed to any city in the world and the game modes could have been patched into any other Battlefield game.

The fuller context of the Battlefield series makes this game’s existence even more confusing. The settling of US soil was an odd and not necessarily welcome departure. Furthermore, going from military to police personal was more unsettling. This became even more confusing when the character goes from being a cop to not being a cop to being…well, who knows.

Why was this game made? I don’t know that anybody can tell for sure. For my part, it feels like a half-baked attempt to create a second entry title into the Battlefield series much like Call of Duty has with Black Ops. Hopefully, this game will be seen as a failed experiment and all Battlefield resources will be used to make the true Battlefield’s next entry worthy of forgetting Hardline and the technical issues of Battlefield 4.



Paul Novak

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