Get Rhythm – Amplitude


A reboot of a rhythm based game from 2003 wasn’t anywhere near my radar as far as games go but I took a chance on it anyway.

The basic mechanic is that you are piloting a spaceship and must shoot targets. The trick is that these targets are laid out to beats and rhythms. There are distinct tracks that represent different musical instruments and completing each track unlocks that instrument within the music that is playing. The more of these tracks you clear, the more of the music you hear and the higher your score.

There is a campaign in this game that I cannot tell you anything about. Not that I didn’t play it, I just didn’t understand it. You play tracks and try to hit musical beats with some voices and such talking about some attempt to save a patient. I played through the entire thing but still have no idea what the point of it was.

My biggest problem with the game was me. Apparently I have less rhythm than I take credit for. I’ve played games like Rock Band and not struggled this much. Perhaps I was more familiar with the music and that helped. Amplitude has no music I recognize and having the music fill in as you complete it seems awkward to me at the very least. What I struggled more with were the controls. There are several control layouts but none of them seemed to work very well for me. Just to be clear, this is my problem and not a problem with the game.

The game is a little funky at points but pretty fun if you can get the hang of it. I’m bad enough that I can’t get off of the beginner difficulty. Even at that, the game was still fun to play even though it is not very deep in content.


Paul Novak

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