Roaming Around – Ryse: Son of Rome



Marius has a tough life. Not that being a Roman warrior isn’t tough enough, barbarians attack Rome and kill his father. If that still weren’t enough, he finds out that there is a plot to topple Rome. Still not bad enough? Well, Marius finds out that gods are involved in the plot against Rome. Now Marius has to avenge his father’s death and save Rome, no worries.

From a technical stand point the game is ok. The PC version isn’t anywhere near amazing as far as the graphics go. Not sure if this is tied to the game also being on Xbox One and a need to scale down the graphics because of it. The combat system can be frustrating at times but once you get a hang of the attack and block scheme it works just fine. Personally, I struggled with the combat more because of using a keyboard rather than a controller.

This game wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible either. It got a lot a bad press when it was released but after playing it myself, the bad press seems more harsh than necessary. Perhaps people took the length of the game as a problem and I can see that. Parts of the story felt abbreviated at times but to dole them out would have involved more elongated combat sequences and I don’t feel that that would have made the game better. I paid about seven dollars for this game on a recent Steam sale and I am fine with what I got from it. Had I paid the full sixty dollars the game retailed for upon its release I may have been disappointed.



Paul Novak

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One thought on “Roaming Around – Ryse: Son of Rome

  1. I didn’t mind the combat, and actually enjoyed shuffling the different execution perks in mid-combo. It was definitely short, but it was a fun way to kill a weekend when the Xbox One first launched. $7 is well worth the price of admission, I think. If you’re in to co-op, the Colosseum mode is really, really underrated IMO. Lots of hilarity there if you have friends to play with.

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