The Year in the Rearview Mirror – 2015

suck-a-fAs far as I am concerned the year 2015 can go fuck itself. Sure that may seem harsh but hear me out. I’ll give you my main reasons for hating on the year but keep in mind I’m not looking for sympathy. Rather I’m looking to lay it all out there and leave it all behind me.

Death – Obviously I am not dead(or am I a ghost writer?) but plenty of people that I knew fondly, directly, and even indirectly passed this year. I actually had to sit down and make a list just to keep them all straight. The list ended up with no less than fifteen names. Some were surprises and some were inevitable but they were all mournful. I tried to be there as best I could for people but sometimes you only get that empty feeling like there is really nothing you can do.

Insult – Working for a living can suck no matter who you are, let’s be clear on that. The year of 2015 decided it should especially shit on my plate by having two of my co-workers go on extended medical absences simultaneously which left me trying to help cover. Sure some of my other co-workers pitched in on the day to day duties but do you think anybody wanted to take any of the weekend on-call duties? No, they did not. Then it happened again when two people quit in the same week and we were again short-staffed.

Injury – Who loves bowling? I do, or I did until I herniated my L5 disc doing it. It amazes me and perplexes me how in this age of modern science and technology those in the medical field are so incredible inept. Too harsh? Well, if you’ve ever had back pain you may understand my frustration from bouncing of doctor to doctor, from pills to rehab, to injections to setbacks all in vain only to have my greatest relief come from a chiropractor’s hand. I had been told by friends and colleagues to seek such treatment but I declined, not for fear of the chiropractor as I had been to the same one before, but rather because of other health issues that caused me discord. All those other issues dissipated but the back problem still remains. With my chiropractor’s help and the calisthenic regime he gave me, things are improving.

Although I left out other things, I still hold true to my claim that the year that was 2015 can definitely suck a fuck. However I won’t have you think that I am taking this poorly or it will continue this bad. Again I will say I want no sympathy because I plan to do all I can to make 2016 worthy of forgetting all the bad things about 2015. Give me no comments or lines wishing me well, don’t even acknowledge my plight. It’s all up to me and I’m planning to be better you see and that is what we should all plan to be.


Paul Novak

Owner, Proprietor, Typer of Words, Gamer, Jester

A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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