Raiding Was Never So Good – Rise of the Tomb Raider

rise-of-the-tomb-raiderIf you wanted the last Tomb Raider to be even better, well…you have it.

Lara Croft’s adventures continue as she intends to clear her father’s name. For most of his life, Lord Croft believed there was an ancient city and prophet that held the secret to eternal life. Little did Lord Croft or his daughter know was that a shadow society, bent upon having the secret of eternal life for themselves, was on their heels. Years after her fathers death, Lara is now closer than ever to proving her father right and avenging his death.

As good as the previous Tomb Raider was, this one is better. Beyond the expected improvements of graphics and gameplay, the story and character of Lara Croft have evolved as well. Lara is far less shy about the situations she finds herself in and what she must do to escape them. Where killing was once a deplorable last resort it is now an unfortunate yet inevitable certainty. The entirety of quest that Lara is on is more flush as well as the side activities of the game. Not only is the story better and deeper there is the addition of tombs to raid to bring this franchise something more towards its namesake.

The game, however, does have its imperfections. Whereas the lack of multiplayer is an improvement over the original game, the Expeditions mode may not be of much interest to some. The mode generally entails playing back through missions of the campaign while trying to attain a high score. Although modifiers can be applied, via cards, to vary the game play it amounts to not much more than simply replaying parts of the campaign. Another mode is more target based as you are tasked to take out people of interest in order to obtain a high score, again there is not much fascination to this mode. It may be a mis-observation on my part but it seemed as though though some of the Expedition modes did not have the same graphic resolution or fidelity of the campaign.

This game was on my list of games that I was going to wait for a price drop, however the more I heard of it I felt compelled to play it. Being a PlayStation fan, I had wanted to wait the year until it is released on my platform of choice but my decision to give in was well rewarded. Despite my few misgivings about the game and having to play on the Xbox, I happily report that it was all worth it. Although I don’t care for the Expeditions mode, I do plan to go back and play the tombs as well as to find the collectibles in the game.

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