Thought It Said Furry – Fury

furyTanks for another war movie.

In World War II, the Nazis had a distinct advantage with their tanks. Not only did the operators know the terrain better, they had superior machines. Despite being at a disadvantage, Don “Wardaddy” Collier has earned his name with his resolve and ability to deliver results. As the end of the war draws near, he must lead a push through the enemy held land so that his fellow soldiers can make their way to Germany and end the Nazi’s reign.

As far as war movies go, Fury delivers its own level of grit along with some frustration. The movie points out quickly, and quite often, that people die in war. No one from solider to civilian is immune to this fate. It also makes a point that the men that made up the Allied forces were no angels. Plundering and other lewd acts were commonplace. The movie falters in its delivery of it various messages. In what I’ll call “The Dinner Scene”, it drug on passed the point were we understood that people are shitty. There was also the fact that the main character that was supposed to be relatable and sympathetic become more of a whiner and nuisance.

Fury turns out to be a well shot and edited movie but one that struggled with making its point. Clearly things could have been told more quickly and clearly which would have also reduced the unnecessarily long runtime of this film. If you are into war movies, particularly WWII, add this one to your list to watch it at your leisure but it is not a must watch.

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