King Me – Kingsman: The Secret Service

kingsmanEver since the original Austin Powers movie, it is hard for me to watch a spy movie with British accents and not expect everything to be a gag.

The Kingsman are a group of people working in secret to keep the world safe. No government affiliation and no headlines in the press. An evil plot is afoot and one of the Kingman”s agents was on the case but was murdered in the line of duty trying to stop it. The case falls to his colleague, Harry Hart aka Galahad. He must not only solve the case but also  find a suitable replacement for his fallen friend. To the later end, Galahad seeks to repay an old debt by calling upon a young man tied to his past and ties to make him into a Kingsman. As Galahad tries to foil the evil plot, his apprentice endeavors to become the agent Galahad believes he can be.

The movie fits well into the spy and action genres, even with a few issues. International forces with high-tech gadgets fighting against each other while maneuvering theirs forces to invoke their plans, typical spy stuff. Admittedly, the hook of the Kingsman being a secret society is a bit weak and comes of more like they are an unrecognized Boy Scout troop. The writers were more creative as to what gadgets the agents could employ rather than flushing out the details of and making the history of the Kingsman more interesting. A tip of the hat goes to the scripting of the fight sequences, with one exception. In the final fight scene they failed to capture the same style as the other fights but any fight other than what I will refer to as “The Church Scene” does seem a lower grade but not as much to the extent of the final scene. A lack of commitment to the style made the last sequence not flow as well or look as good thus leaving me somewhat disappointed in the finish.

Kingsman: The Secret Service ends up falling into the category of good but not great level of movies. It was fun to watch and entertained me but i don’t know that I would want to see more of it. This is partly because they end up killing off some of the more interesting characters and I’m not sure I really care for a few they left alive.

What I really wonder is why Samuel L. Jackson is talking with Mike Tyson’s lisp through the entire movie. Was this his attempt at a British accent?

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