It Makes Me Sad – Transformers: Devastation

devastation-transOther than fanboy-ism, there is no reason to play this game.

As harsh as that previous sentence was to read it was harder to write. After suffering through Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, I was really hoping that I would get to play a good Transformers game again but it was not to be. After all, the Transformer Cybertron games are awesome so there is precedence for a Transformers game not being total garbage. Granted, there is also past evidence of Transformer games being total trash. The aforementioned Rise of the Dark Spark is company to the other movie related games that made a complete travesty of the Transformers franchise.

So what makes this game so terrible? It is a shorter answer to tell you what makes this game not terrible. There are two stand out items that are great about this game: 1. the artwork and 2. the voice cast. Why these two items are fantastic is directly related to one’s old-school love of the 1980’s Transformers cartoon and without that love there is no saving grace for this game. Maybe if you like cell-shaded art you could appreciate the graphics but the true love of the artwork comes from being able to play a game that looks exactly like the cartoon you grew up loving. Not only does it look like the cartoon, the original voice cast came back to voice the game. It is so beautiful it is erie to have what I’m seeing sound identical to how I am imaging it.

Once one gets over the school boy giddiness of one’s childhood, you are likely to go into full heartbreak. The storyline of this game is bad but it isn’t good either. There are times were it takes a leap that just doesn’t fit. It felt like the writers didn’t know how to move the story or had to cut content to that point that there are times when characters go into explanations that summarize so much of what is happening that I felt like I had passed out on a Tuesday and woken up on the next Tuesday. Sure, it was still Tuesday but so much had happened that I didn’t know about but I had to go with it and act like I did know. Even worse that this was the game play…oh the terrible, terrible game play. There was great potential with the close range and melee attacks but the fact that enemies could execute a combo on you without interruption despite any of your efforts, fight sequences were frustrating to say the least. It was so bad that once I reached the second boss fight in the game that I had to start completely over at a lower difficulty just so that I could play the game without screaming and yelling about how crappy it was.  Then there is also the unnecessary and over-laid mechanics that did not need to be there. There was also that lack of direction as to what your objective really was. Add to that the need to go back through areas just to go back to where you already were. Let’s say all of this made things were “not good”.

Having finished this game, I make no plans to ever play it again. There are challenge modes that unlock through out the game but there is no desire on my part to even attempt them. I played one of them and it simply felt like a battle arena mode with no objective other than kill the waves of enemies that are thrown at you. Yawn.

I expected very little from this game and still ended up disappointment. The combat system should have been better and had great potential. The fact that combat, especially boss fights, was so unbalanced was a true let down. Even playing the game on its lowest difficulty lead to frustration and this should never be the case. As good as the Transformers franchise has potential to be, this game failed it. Even with this experience, I would still be into another Transformers game if for nothing else than my love of the franchise. Granted, I would understand totally if anyone else gave up on the game offerings as a whole from this franchise given their lack luster track record.


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3 thoughts on “It Makes Me Sad – Transformers: Devastation

  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t your cup of tea. The backtracking early on was a bit annoying, but thankfully they eliminated it in the later levels. I too found the combat tough, at first, but things got more manageable once I learned how to abuse the dodge/bullet time mechanic.

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