WTF? – 50 Shades of Grey



Maybe, just maybe, I missed something but WTF was the point of this movie?

True romantics and creepers alike can fall in love with this movie. Any girl that ever wanted to meet the rich and handsome charmer that offers them the world can balance that against the fact that the man is essentially mentally disturbed and derives his pleasure from other’s pain.

A supposed love story that involves a man into sadism and the innocent girl that falls for him. Yet another tired retread of a princess fairy tale. We have the nearly orphaned little girl and the prince charming that lives in a tower but little if anything in this movie is much worth watching. The big deal about the movie was the fact that it Incorporated sadistic behavior. After watching the movie, it would appear that that may have been the only draw to the film and was marketed as such.

The movie was all a buzz with the ladies when it was released and I struggle to see why. Again, it is just another rehash of the princess story with the twist of the prince being a monster. Which leads me to question why there would be any draw to this movie. Sure there is a fair amount of nudity but that gets old quick and lends little to the film in total. If I was supposed to be intrigued by Christian Grey it didn’t work. He felt more like a sick jack ass more than anything. If I was supposed to sympathize with Anastasia Steele(sorry, still sounds like a fake name used in porn but I digress) I just couldn’t because she was completely in control the entire time.

It is even more disconcerting that the movie ends with no plot resolution for the characters. One is lead to believe that there is a call to action at the last moment but then….credits. Apparently the real reason to make this movie was to set up the sequel but who wants to watch it? I guess there were enough people that saw it since it grossed over $500 million worldwide but was that more a case of morbid curiosity rather than the move actually being good?

The most disturbing part of this film – why the hell did this lady still have a flip phone?????

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