I’ll Pass – Fallout 4

Fallout_4_box_coverFor many Fallout 4 was one of, if not the, most anticipated games of the year. That promise was delivered for some but the rest of us will just to deal with the disappointment.

It may very well be that I should have stuck with my first instinct and not even purchased the game but several people around me were so excited about it I caved.  Their excited did not translate to my enjoyment, however. My intent is not to say this game is bad, for the most part, but rather it is not suited to my play tastes.

There are a few things that I will address as issues or faults. Despite being on newer hardware, PS4 in my case, the game does not look particularly good. Character models, even during cutscenes, look poorly detailed and dated as if they were reused from older games. Rendering and artifacting were problems throughout the game. More egregious than this are the games load times. When a load point is reached in the game it feels like an eternity before the game is ready too lay again. This, perhaps, was the most frustrating part of dying during the game.

The biggest problem for me with the game had nothing to do with the technical performance of the game. I can live with the graphics and learning to be more patient wouldn’t be a bad thing. What perturbed me most was my lack of interest in the game. Slow and drudging are my best words for the game. The story of the game reveals at a near glacier pace with little to no interesting characters to help it along. Another point of frustration would be the absence of tutorials. The game has crafting and building systems but no explanation as to how they are used. It is a sad state of affairs when YouTube is the games best tutorial and that is exactly what I had to resort to just to learn how to run a wire.

If anyone else wishes to continue playing this game I would find no fault with their plan. The building and crafting system could lead to potentially entertaining avenues once mastered. The game also seems to try to award exploration by hiding items and events throughout the environment. This just isn’t enough to keep me playing. Watching someone else play would likely be more entertaining than playing the game myself.

Fallout 4 has fallen of my playlist.

dudewantshisrug-profilePaul Novak

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


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