Still Badass – The Equalizer


The_Equalizer_posterAn entire generation of actors known to play hard-hitting heroes is getting old but one is still going it well, Denzel Washington.

The Equalizer starts out slow but once it takes off it is damn good. Robert McCall seems like an ordinary guy working at a home improvement store. He’s like-able, affable, and good at his job. There is something different about him that his co-workers can’t quite place though. The dark side of him is released when a young women he befriends is beaten nearly to death. Those that did this to her have no idea what they have set forth upon themselves.

The story is not perfect and there are a few plots holes. That takes nothing away from Washington’s performance. Still as riveting and charismatic as ever, he keeps your eyes glued to the screen and your ass on the edge of your seat. As many times as he has done this type of role this movie is still entertaining and well worth viewing. Watching the bad guys get taken out so methodically is delivered fantastically well in this film.

Hopefully this movie remains a standalone gem and doesn’t get the treatment that Taken got. You know the one where they make terrible sequels that aren’t worth watching.

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