So Bad It’s Good – Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Mortal_kombat_annihilationSome times something doesn’t have to be good to be entertaining, this movie is one of those things.

There is nothing good about this movie. The acting is bad. Most of the people in this movie were probably fired from daytime soap operas. The special effects are horrible. Even for 1997 they look like they were done on a budget of about $10. The story is terrible. Not to say the Mortal Kombat games had fantastic plots but this movie doesn’t seem to have much of one at all. But all of that is what makes it so good.

Just trying to take this film seriously is cause for laughter. Watching the actors fail at acting is some of the best painful comedy that can be witnessed. Then when they do have to interact with the special effect environment it becomes a special kind of hilarity. If one were to try to flowchart the story of this movie they would have invent new symbols for flowcharts since there are elements of this movie that just don’t work. How bad all of this is is perhaps the most redeeming factor of the film and makes it worth seeing.

It may be a strange sense of inflicting pain upon one’s self that makes repeatedly viewing this movie a glorious form of self torture. Much like train wrecks, once you start watching this film you must finish. Not out of a sense that you are going to outright enjoy it, rather you have keep watching because you can’t stop. After it is over, you can look back and laugh at how terrifically horrible it was. If it ever were a question why more movies are not made out of video games this is certainly one answer.


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