I Tried – World of Warcraft


For most people I know, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention World of Warcraft is the fat guy with no life on South Park. While the level of truth involved in this imagery is up for debate, I decided to give the game a shot and see what I thought of it.

Mincing words is not something I do well, therefore I will tell you upfront that I did not enjoy this game. I won’t say it is a bad game, just that I did not enjoy it. Had it still been a pay to play experience, I would not have even tried it but since they have a trial mode I was willing to give it a go.  This mode allows you to play to level 20 but I lost interest around level 6. Most of what I did not like about this game is not particular to it but rather more of a fact of this type of game.

Open world games are both great and terrible. They give you great device to explore and play at your own pace but they also leave you little direction at times. I prefer a game that guides me through what I am to be doing. Being left to figure it out on my own is not something I have great interest in. Having mindless quests that I have to travel through unfamiliar terrain to complete is not something that I want to be doing but I can see where others may find this a great way to play through a game.

One of my biggest hangups was the visual aspects of the game. Having seen some of the cinematics for the game, I was terribly disappointed by the in-game graphics. I had played Neverwinter on both PC and Xbox One thinking that it looked cheap, finding WoW to not look much better was absolutely dumb founding. Seeing the fidelity of this game made me question why people were willing to pay so much to keep playing this game. Neverwinter, to me, looks just as good and it is free. What was more troublesome for me was the locked camera angle. Perhaps I missed something but having the over-the-shoulder view locked as it was made me feel that I was staring at the ground most of the time. Having some control over the vertical view would have made a big difference in my opinion. Even if it is there, it doesn’t change my opinion at this point since I could not find it during my play time.

It is a free admission on my part that more time with this game could have revealed a deeper experience. The world of World of Warcraft seems to me to be wide open and vast.  The time and effort needed to explore it at this point is not something I wish to do. The fact that the game is over ten years old may be a factor and I could have been playing content that was developed with mechanics from that time. Regardless, the game does not translate into something I want to continue playing.

For those that are loyal to and continue to devote time to playing this game I say enjoy. Just because I did not take to it means the game is any less enjoyable. Games I find fun to play may be completely sickening to you and that is okay. You like running around doing quest and dungeons in WoW and I would rather do bounties and strikes in Destiny. There is plenty of room in this world for all of us to play the games we like. Also, don’t go thinking that I have something against Activision Blizzard or RPG’s because I truly thing Diablo III one of the best games I’ve ever played.

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4 thoughts on “I Tried – World of Warcraft

  1. WoW and MMOs in general are past their prime. Yeah I cannot imagine picking up WoW today and enjoying it. It was far different when it launched because (1) MMORPGs were still relatively new and (2) Blizzard struck gold by cross-pollinating the Everquest concept with their Warcraft IP.

    If someone is dedicated to WoW today, it’s because:

    – They have a strong family or friends guild they belong to
    – They are part of a dedicated raiding group
    – They enjoy for fun or play “professional” PvP arenas
    – They play for the Pokémon pet battles

    I’d argue that MMOs are in decline and being supplanted by the open-world single player/limited multiplayer games like Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Fallout. They offer far, far more richer experiences at a fraction of the price. Free-to-play Neverwinter is “good enough” if you really want an MMOPRG, and modern alleged MMOs like Destiny are really just multiplayer FPSs with lobbies.

    • I see the monthly subscription model as a dinosaur. As much as I don’t like micro transactions, it is the rising trend. Since Blizzard is no longer reporting subscribers, they may be setting things up for a change. Destiny has a special place of hurt for me. It has great FPS mechanics but horrible upgrade and inventory systems. Diablo III struggled at first but became something worth playing.

  2. If I hadn’t played WoW prior to today, the graphics would be severely offputting, especially for a game with a paid subscription model. It looks worse than Neverwinter until you get to the new-ish zones, but it’s over 10 years old so that’s to be expected. Still, it looks awful, there’s no denying that.

    The early levels are definitely the most boring, especially for new players. Lots of mundane activities, etc., until level 15 when you can join matchmaking groups and run dungeons for better loot/XP. If you’re not in to open world games (or the grind of MMOs in general) there’s little reason to give WoW another chance.

    Hell, I’ve played off and on since the beginning and I think I’ve cut the cord for good. It’s dated looking, not fun to play, and Blizzard seems to be running out of ideas.

    FYI, there’s an option to adjust the camera’s sticky function as well as increasing its draw distance. Like you said though, that isn’t increasing your enjoyment lol.

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