The Hobbit Movies Suck


hobbitThere is an unfortunate parallel between the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars franchises, the original trilogies were the best.

The tale of Bilbo Baggins should have been the telling of an epic adventure of a small man travelling through a huge world. Instead it turned out to be a long drawn out exposition of style over substance. Why one short novel was turned into about eight hours of film we can guess(in one word: cha-ching), but how it was done is fairly clear. Beautiful sequences of battles and scenery add length to films but lend no depth to the story. Scenes were more displays of what could be done rather than what needed to be done. Some were of such a ridiculous nature that it was aggravating to have even been subjected to them. For example, did we really need to suffer through a chase scene that involved one of the dwarfs bouncing around in a barrel then using said barrel as makeshift armor? No, we did not. Why? Because it did nothing to advance the story.

Of course Peter Jackson should still get credit for the original trilogy and everything it was but he should also take the blame for the short comings of the prequel trilogy. Much like George Lucas was, and still is, ridiculed for the Star War prequel trilogy. If somebody has done it already, there should be an effort to re-edit the movies into a more palatable format and remove the unnecessary elements. That may bring the run time of The Hobbit movies back to an acceptable length but still may not address the story issues.

On the plus side, there are no more Tolkien books to made into movies. Although Star Wars has proven that any universe is not to be bound by its source material. Given Hollywood’s senseless need to reuse and remake existing material, it is possible that there will other movies from this franchise. Maybe they can base the next trilogy on a travel brochure from the Shire.

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One thought on “The Hobbit Movies Suck

  1. The entire Hobbit trilogy should be editable into single two-hour movie. Way, way too much extra nonsense that makes a poor excuse for a trilogy.

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