Dude’s Chronicles 10-4-2015: Resurfacing

polls_polls_sleep_1024x679_4749_610371_xlargeSo, I haven’t posted in over two weeks. Why? I just didn’t feel like it.

Instead I’ve been watching some pretty lousy movies. Like…

The Devil Wears Prada –  Why I ever decided to watch this movie is a question I will never have an answer to. Seeing Anne Hathaway on screen was not worth putting up the with the self-serving highbrow tone of the movie. In case you are wondering, Anne Hathaway’s character is the worst character in the film because even at the end of it all she still thinks she is better than everybody – just my opinion.

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Normally I really enjoy Christian Bale but this movie just fell flat. It was way too long and never came together as it tried to adapt a Biblical story into a more plausible form. The idea seemed intriguing but in the end it just didn’t turn out and may have been better if they had just gone with something closer to the Biblical text – again, my opinion.

Out of Time – Worst Denzel Washington movie I’ve ever seen. A convoluted but ultimately predictable plot made it almost unwatchable. Best part of the movie may very well have been Eva Mendes but that did not make it worth watching.

Horrible Bosses 2 – Better than the original but still not very good. I did laugh a good bit, so I didn’t mind watching this one as much as the other movies I’ve mentioned.

Grudge Match – This movie would have been much better with younger actors. Let me explain … because it was just too unbelievable to think that two fighter pushing or over 70 years of age would or could ever step back into the ring. Get some actors in their 50’s and this gets to be a lot more plausible. It was sad that something to trivial ruined it for me because I otherwise enjoyed the movie.

destiny-the-taken-kingNow let’s just get this whole Destiny: The Taken King out of the way. It seems that a fair amount of people are enjoying this expansion, however I am not one of them. There is a lot of praise for the improved story telling but it is only improved when compared to Destiny’s own completely inept story telling before The Taken King. If I compare it to games that do well at story telling, Destiny’s latest attempt is still bad. Think of games like Uncharted and Mass Effect, Destiny still pales in comparison. Slapping in a few more cuts scenes and using Nathan Fillion more doesn’t not do much to help flush out a better story and the stuttered mission trail doesn’t help either. Yes, it has improved but no, it is still not good.

As far as gear and rewards go, The Taken King a step back in my view. Sure they got rid of, or made obsolete, a bunch currencies and materials but now you have to grind even more just to get the resources you need. Weapons and armor used to drop with their max value but had to be upgraded with XP and materials to get it back when the game first released. Now you have to ‘infuse’ items with like items that have higher defense or attack values. This means grinding and hoping that you get drops of items with high stats in the item slots you are looking for. Add to that, you must also have Legendary Marks for each infusion you wish to do. Sure you can earn an unlimited amount of them but you can only carry 200 across you account, where as Vanguard and Crucible marks were per character, and you have less ways to earn them. Some daily and weekly events are now account wide rather than per-character and the only other way to get Legendary marks is to dismantle Legendary items. But don’t go thinking you’ll get these precious marks by dismantling all of your old, and now useless, legendary items because this will not reward you any marks when they are dismantled.

I really wanted to be back on board with this game but I get the feeling that after I play the new raid there won’t be much reason to keep playing it.


Paul Novak

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3 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 10-4-2015: Resurfacing

  1. Horrible Bosses 2 was pretty awful. I think Jamie Foxx’s character was the only saving grace. I haven’t dove back in to Destiny with TTK just yet. I saw the mass amount of praise and wanted to wait it out just to see if it’s a honeymoon phase. Plenty felt burned by Destiny, present company included, so like you said, it’s an improvement of the old game which isn’t really saying much.

    • The first Horrible Bosses was bad enough I don’t know why they made a sequel. People are starting to see the drops and in Destiny’s new raid and getting mad, it seems like you either get everything or nothing. If you hated the reward and upgrade systems before, you’ll hate them even more now.

      • If the storytelling is only “drastically improved” by Destiny standards, it basically has the narrative equivalent to FIFA 16. I really just loathed the game’s grind, even as someone familiar with MMOs. If it’s only fun up until max level again, I’m not sure if I’ll even bother.

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